Clean Energy Mission Innovation Champions

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The Mission Innovation Champions programme calls worldwide attention to the most promising ideas from across the globe. We seek to facilitate engagement among the awardees and our Mission Innovation governments, research institutes, affiliated organizations, and private sector investors. Visit the website and register now.

Can Climate Be Reclaimed: Carbon Storage

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Oxford Energy Society presents this talk by Professor Stuart Haszeldine tomorrow, Wednesday 22 January in the Becket Room, OUCE, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PY.

Absolute Zero

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We can’t wait for breakthrough technologies to deliver net-zero emissions by 2050. Instead, we can plan to respond to climate change using today’s technologies with incremental change. This will reveal many opportunities for growth but requires a public discussion about future lifestyles.

Let there be (more than) light: productive energy uses

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The benefits of energy services are clear. When done right, energy can have a positive transformative impact on development across multiple sectors. As a recent visualisation by UN ESCAP showed, energy infrastructure is linked to 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The work of clean, affordable, and secure energy solutions research at OXGATE

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The Oxford Green Ammonia TEchnology (OXGATE) research group is a collaboration between Chemistry and Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. Thegroup is led by Professor SC Edman Tsang (Chemistry) and Professor René Bañares-Alcántara (Engineering). Our work includes catalyst development, prototyping, process design, and energy systems modelling related to green hydrogen and ammonia.

Academic consultancy in the University of Oxford

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Oxford University Innovation (OUI) Ltd. is the University’s technology transfer company and a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Oxford. Researchers from across the University who wish to provide academic consultancy or services are supported by the OUI Consulting Services team, who also assist external clients to identify and engage with relevant staff in the University of Oxford.

Siemens Seed Fund, Oxford, TU Berlin

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The Oxford-Berlin initiative, together with Siemens, have issued a new call for Seed Fund projects to fund exchanges, build relationships between the parties.  The aim is to underpin writing of large-scale research and knowledge transfer bids in no/low carbon energy systems. Bids are short and due 15 Dec 2019.

Project LEO (Local Energy Oxfordshire)

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This project is led by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks along with EDF Energy, Nuuve, Open Utility, Origami Energy, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford City Council, Oxfordshire County Council, The Low Carbon Hub C.I.C. and the University of Oxford

Energy SuperHub Oxford

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This project is led by Pivot Power LLP with a consortium of Habitat Energy Limited, Kensa, Oxford City Council, RedT Energy and the University of Oxford.  The project will involve the installation of the world’s first transmission-connected lithium ion and redox-flow hybrid battery. Other UK sites have already been identified as potential sites for replication. ESO will include a network of 320 ground source heat pumps, targeting social housing and operating with smart controls and community engagement.  Cloud hosted and AI powered software will take an algorithmic approach to forecasting, energy demand/supply optimisation, and management of battery degradation.


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