Proposed amendments to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme Regulations

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The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero introduced the Boiler Upgrade Scheme in 2022 to support the decarbonisation of heat in buildings. Under the Scheme, capital grants are available to support the installation of heat pumps and biomass boilers in homes and buildings in England and Wale...

Doing ‘our bit’ does add up when it comes to slowing climate change

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Have you taken steps to reduce your carbon footprint? Are those steps going far enough to actually make a difference? Dr Christian Brand, Associate Professor in Transport, Energy and Environment at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) and Transport Studies Unit believes that the movement towa...

Evaluating net zero transition plans in emissions-intensive sectors

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Credible, feasible and actionable transition plans are critical to achieving net zero. The Oxford Sustainable Finance Group has published a new series of discussion papers that aim to develop a deeper understanding of transition plans and finance across four emissions-intensive sectors: oil &...

Pinkwashing in UK energy industry: How inclusive?

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A Pride in Energy survey reveals that 71% perceive employers as inclusive, while only 21% extend the same sentiment to the broader UK energy sector, shining a spotlight on the industry’s struggle to foster a genuinely inclusive environment for LGBTQI+ individuals.


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