OE Seminar recording – Week 8: Homeowner motivation, knowledge and involvement in domestic energy retrofit

Summary: Retrofit of domestic buildings will be crucial to deliver more affordable heating and meet climate goals. In recent Oxford Energy Network seminars, various speakers have explored skills, challenges in the supply chain and financing mechanisms. In this seminar, I will focus more on the people living in their homes – their motivations, knowledge, involvement, and how these shape their retrofit journeys.

OE Seminar Recording- week 7: Gold (natural) hydrogen: Pipeline or pipedream?

Summary:  Gold (natural) hydrogen: Pipeline or pipedream?  – The oldest parts of the continental crust generate between 0.36–2.273×1011 moles H2 per year through water-rock reactions and radiolysis [1]. Over geological timescales, the natural hydrogen generated would supply society’s current oil-equivalent needs with clean energy for well over 100,000 years. Natural (gold) hydrogen is found in many locations globally [1], but until recently has not been the focus of resource exploration.

NEWS: Congratulations to Professor Sir Peter Bruce FRS

Many congratulations to Professor Sir Peter Bruce FRS, who has been awarded the title of Knight Bachelor in the 2022 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.  This is in recognition of Sir Peter’s work to develop a fundamental understanding of the properties of materials and the processes taking place in batteries, and to use this knowledge to improve performance.  His research is concerned with new materials and chemistries that have the potential to deliver a step-change in performance (for example, increasing the range of an electric vehicle), and has earned him a UK and global leadership position in the field of batteries and energy storage.

OE Seminar Recording: week 4: How will ending poverty impact climate change? A well-being centred approach to energy transitions

This is the first public lecture in the Oxford Department of International Development’s seminar series (Queen Elizabeth House) on Climate Change and the Challenges of Development, held in collaboration with the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development (Somerville College) and the Oxford Energy Network (Environmental Change Institute) that took place at the Oxford Martin School, Board Street, Oxford.


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