Lead for Sustainability Oxford

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Oxford Lead for Sustainability Mentorship Is Accepting Applications for the 2022/23 Programme! Application Link: Application Deadline: 31st October, 2022

Be energy friendly

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Energy prices are soaring. Without immediate action, this could pose a considerable risk to Oxford’s finances, and its ability to deliver on its mission, which would impact us all. In response, the University has approved new energy-saving measures for departments to adopt during the winter mon...

BA/Wolfson fellowships – call now open

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These awards provide early-career academics with the most valuable commodity – time – by releasing them from some of their administration and teaching duties to pursue their research, along with funding for public engagement and travel. The award duration is three years.

A Vision of a Fossil-Fuel Free Future

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The Oxford Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy has been working since 2015 to understand the multiple challenges and benefits of decarbonising the energy system– from legal and policy barriers to engineering solutions. The researchers can see a future for the energy system that is ...

Oxford Energy Society (students)

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The Oxford Energy Society, the University’s premier energy and sustainability society for students, meets every Wednesday in term time at 5.30pm.

UKRI Policy Internship Scheme

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UKRI’s Policy Internships scheme for PhD students is now open for applications. UKRI-funded PhD students can apply to do a three-month placement with the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) as a fellow. This is not just an opportunity for researchers in science and technology ...


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