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Our events page covers not only events and seminars from the Energy Network, but also energy related events across Oxford University. Student-led events can be found by visiting the Oxford Energy Society.

08 Feb

After the market meltdown, how to build a more resilient energy market

Gillian Cooper

Summary: Citizens Advice’s Market Meltdown report outlines how the regulator failed to take meaningful action against unfit and unsustainable energy suppliers, with the subsequent failures due to costs households over £2.6 billion as well as the billions of taxpayer funding set aside for Bulb. Household finances are also set to be under increasing strain from huge rises in energy bills [...]

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09 Feb

Excess? Is it reasonable to put a limit on how much energy we use?

Jillian Anable

CREDS recently undertook a project to investigate households with the highest energy consumption for transport (e.g. cars, aviation) and for domestic use (e.g. heating, cooking, washing). Energy efficiency and demand reduction measures across the economy could contribute around half of the cut in carbon required by 2050. The research project sought to understand how to best define high energy use, what [...]

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22 Feb

Availability of sustainable biomass in Europe: framework conditions and projections from 2030- 2050

Calliope Panoutsou

Summary:  Sustainable biomass supply has been highly debated, both at the scientific and at the political levels, for almost two decades with controversial arguments. Some stakeholders strongly support the development of biomass value chains to deliver renewable raw materials, boost economic growth and rural development and increase farm income. Others however express overwhelming concerns about the risks that unsustainable practices [...]

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