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Our events page covers seminars from the Energy Network and selected, energy-related events across Oxford University. Student-led energy events can be found by visiting the Oxford Energy Society page.

23 Apr

Energy Seminar – Week 1 TT24: Possible: Ways to Net Zero

Chris Goodall

THIS IS AN INPERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: In his new book Chris looks at the remaining challenges for the energy transition. We know that we need to ‘electrify everything we can’ and that our power sources will be predominantly solar and wind. But what about the more intractable problems? Possible: Ways to Net Zero examines 18 different challenges, ranging from [...]

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30 Apr

Energy Seminar – Week 2 TT24: Sustainable Energy in Refugee Camps: Technologies, Politics, and Governance

Dr Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen

THIS IS AN INPERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: Energy is everywhere in refugee camps: in the homes, businesses, and community spaces of refugees. However, this topic is rarely discussed in academic or practitioner contexts. To understand more about this important issue, this seminar will present ethnographic research from the journal article on the ‘Secret Life of Energy in Refugee Camps’, as [...]

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02 May

The Challenge of Emissions

Dr Eric Toone

Zero Institute Event Keynote Lecture: The Challenge of Emissions Modern prosperity is based on ready access to cheap abundant energy – energy that produces goods and services and moves those goods and services to where they are needed. Today the energy on which our society is based is extracted almost exclusively from a store of carbon-based fossil materials. That extraction results in the [...]

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07 May

Energy Seminar – Week 3 TT24: Leveraging the campus as a test bed for climate and sustainability leadership: Catalysing learning, imagination, and impact

Julie Newman

THIS IS AN IN PERSON EVENT Summary: Future climate and sustainability leadership within higher education and at MIT seeks to transcend traditional academic silos and drive toward new ways of learning, innovation, collaboration and an unwavering commitment to address the urgent global challenges created by climate change.  Dr. Newman will present the model she launched at MIT built on a scales [...]

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14 May

Energy Seminar – Week 4 TT24: Substitution of the Suez Canal and Bab El Mandeb Strait with the new Mesopotamian Canal. Bypassing the Strait of Hormuz.

Xhevair Ngjeqari

THIS IS AN IN PERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: Since 1869, reliance on maritime global trade, spanning from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean via the Suez Canal, Bab el Mandeb, and the Strait of Hormuz, has faced persistent challenges due to geopolitical tensions. The blockade of the Suez Canal from March 23 to 29, 2021, resulted in staggering losses [...]

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21 May

Energy Seminar – Week 5 TT24: Nuclear: Why small is beautiful

Andrew Murdoch

THIS IS AN INPERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: Why are Small Modular Reactors the future for nuclear? For one, their reduced scale and off-site manufacturability: a key factor that reduces the expenses and extended timelines linked to large-scale reactors. This also brings a reduction of financial risk – a result of simplified commercial deployment – which creates a more attractive prospect [...]

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11 Jun

Energy Seminar – Week 8 TT24: Bristol City Leap: A novel finance and procurement model for delivering net zero

Tedd Mose, Katherine Sugar

THIS IS AN INPERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: Public financing alone is insufficient for delivering net zero – private finance must also be secured to deliver decarbonisation at scale and pace. This seminar delves into the innovative procurement approach underpinning Bristol City Leap, an innovative procurement model introduced by Bristol City Council which addresses the urgency of decarbonization through a unique [...]

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