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Our events page covers seminars from the Energy Network and selected, energy-related events across Oxford University. Student-led energy events can be found by visiting the Oxford Energy Society page.

20 May

Navigating Net Zero: Understanding the Role of Hydrogen

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Join UKRI for their myth busting webinar series, running 20 May – 16 July 2024, ‘Navigating Net Zero: Understanding the Role of Hydrogen’, as they uncover the latest innovations and case studies across the hydrogen supply chain working to accelerate the UK’s pathway to Net Zero. With hydrogen playing a crucial role in achieving Net Zero, these sessions will provide valuable [...]

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21 May

Energy Seminar – Week 5 TT24: Nuclear: Why small is beautiful

Andrew Murdoch

THIS IS AN INPERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: Why are Small Modular Reactors the future for nuclear? For one, their reduced scale and off-site manufacturability: a key factor that reduces the expenses and extended timelines linked to large-scale reactors. This also brings a reduction of financial risk – a result of simplified commercial deployment – which creates a more attractive prospect [...]

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Seminar | Week 5
28 May

Energy Seminar – Week 6 TT24: Rethinking Energy: How technology is turbocharging the green revolution

Greg Jackson

THIS IS AN IN PERSON ONLY EVENT Summary: Energy is one of the final frontiers of digitisation. It is also the industry which holds the most promise for transformation to deliver a greener, cheaper, fairer world. Growing from zero to thirteen billion dollars of revenue in eight years, Octopus Energy is now the UK’s biggest electricity supplier and rapidly growing around [...]

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Seminar | Week 6
04 Jun

Energy Seminar – Week 7 TT24: Beyond 2030: A national blueprint for a decarbonised electricity system in Great Britain

Paul Wakeley

THIS IS AN IN PERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: The ESO (Electricity System Operator) published a plan called “Beyond 2030” in March 2024. This plan outlines an ambitious investment of over £58bn in transmission infrastructure up until 2030. The goal of this plan is to connect approximately 85GW of offshore wind capacity and facilitate the transition to a zero carbon electricity [...]

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Seminar | Week 7
11 Jun

Energy Seminar – Week 8 TT24: Bristol City Leap: A novel finance and procurement model for delivering net zero

Tedd Mose, Katherine Sugar

THIS IS AN INPERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: Public financing alone is insufficient for delivering net zero – private finance must also be secured to deliver decarbonisation at scale and pace. This seminar delves into the innovative procurement approach underpinning Bristol City Leap, an innovative procurement model introduced by Bristol City Council which addresses the urgency of decarbonization through a unique [...]

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Seminar | Week 8

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