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Our events page covers not only events and seminars from the Energy Network, but also energy related events across Oxford University. Student-led events can be found by visiting the Oxford Energy Society.

19 Apr

International Conference on Green Technology and Energy Science

Green Technology and Energy Science aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Green Technology and Energy Science. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as [...]

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20 Apr

From Lab to Fab: how nanoscale aluminium oxide enabled PERC and TOPCon to dominate the photovoltaic market

Professor Bram Hoex UNSW, Sydney

A Special Departmental Colloquium Abstract: In this talk I will describe the development of nanoscale aluminium oxide for the passivation of p-type silicon surfaces from its initial discovery in the laboratory to its current dominance in the photovoltaic industry with annual production in excess of 200 GW in 2022. I will start off with a high-level introduction into the fabrication of high-efficiency silicon [...]

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25 Apr

Energy Seminar – Week 1: The UK energy demand observatory – how Oxford helps to understand and accelerate changes in energy demand

Phil Grunewald - speaking in person and online

The way we use energy will have to undergo fundamental changes during the transition towards a net-zero world. Many of the technical solutions are known: insulate homes, electrify heating and transport, deploy smarter, more efficient and flexible appliances. But how well do they work in practice? Tracking the impact requires careful observation and robust control groups. Oxford leads the technology and [...]

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Seminar | Week 5
02 May

Oxford Climate Research Network (OCRN) – Annual Lecture

Prof Kirsten Zickfeld (Simon Fraser University, Canada)

Oxford Climate Research Network are pleased to announce our Annual Lecture with Prof Kirsten Zickfeld, who will be speaking on ‘The climate impacts of carbon dioxide removal and their implications for net zero’, followed by a reception and poster session. Reception and poster session: Further, we are planning a poster session at the reception to strengthen connections within network. We hope [...]

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03 May

Just transitions and air travel: air travel inequality and distributional impacts of flight taxes

Prof Milena Buchs (University of Leeds)

Large demand reductions need to be realised in the transport sector for the UK to meet its climate targets. Scholars and policy makers increasingly acknowledge that demand reduction needs to be designed in a socially fair way that focuses responsibility on those who have contributed more to climate change and have more capacity to bear cost, while ensuring that the [...]

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16 Jun

Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture 2023: The pathway to delivering fusion power

Professor Sir Ian Chapman

Engineering at the Extremes Engineers have always pushed the boundaries of the possible, and this year’s event will showcase Engineering at the Extremes. Our 2023 Lubbock lecturer is Sir Ian Chapman, CEO of the UK Atomic Energy Authority and world expert on the extreme engineering involved in making fusion power a reality, where the fusion material is as hot as the [...]

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23 Jun

SCOLMA – Conference – Call for papers – Africa and the Environment Archives and Data in the Climate Emergency

A one-day conference at SOAS, London and online CALL FOR PAPERS SCOLMA conference 2023 Call for Papers final.pdf Africa’s natural environment is rich and diverse, ranging from its wildlife and plants to its land and resources. It is also one of the continents most severely affected by climate change, with increasingly erratic weather events adversely impacting biodiversity, agriculture and those living there. This conference [...]

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10 Jul

Agile Initiative Summer School – Oxford Martin School 10-14 July 2023

The Agile Initiative at the Oxford Martin School will run a residential Summer School 10-14 July 2023. Open to interdisciplinary researchers working on challenges relating to both policy and environmental science. Guided by experts including Charles Godfray, Sarah Whatmore and Sam Fankhauser. There are fifty places for UK-based post-doctoral, PhD, DPhil and MPhil researchers in the field. Details (including subsidised [...]

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