There are about 200 senior researchers in Oxford Energy.  These are listed below and can be filtered using the search bar above. You can also find the relevant contact person for a research theme by using the checkbox and selecting update.

Profile picture in black and white of Alessandro Abate

Alessandro Abate

Professor of Verification and Control

Demand and Efficiency: demand response
Energy Networks: micro grids, smart buildings
Solar: populations of photovoltaic panels

Profile picture in black and white of Christopher Adam

Christopher Adam

Professor of Development Economics

Emerging Economies: Energy pricing, economic management of hydrocarbon revenues
Economics, Policy & Politics: Energy demand, transport and structural change
Transport: Economics

Profile picture in black and white of Nihan Akyelken

Nihan Akyelken

Associate Professor in Sustainable Urban Development

Transport: Mobility; innovation
Economics, Policy & Politics: Political economy of infrastructure; low carbon growth;

Profile picture in black and white of Simon Aldridge

Simon Aldridge

Professor of Main Group Chemistry

Storage and Vectors: Hydrogen storage by lighter Main group hydrides, in particular catalysis of the processes of hydrogen evolution/uptake.

Profile picture in black and white of Harry Anderson

Harry Anderson

Professor of Chemistry

Solar: new molecular materials, dyes, organic semiconductors and bio-mimetic light harvesting systems.

Profile picture in black and white of David Armstrong

David Armstrong

Royal Academy of engineering fellow in nuclear materials

Nuclear: Materials for fusion and fission power, ODS Steels, radiation damage, refractory alloys and composites, Zirconium alloys

Profile picture in black and white of Fraser Armstrong

Fraser Armstrong

Professor of Chemistry

Solar: Solar fuels, molecular and electronic design of artificial photosynthesis systems
Bioenergy: Biohydrogen.

Profile picture in black and white of Hazel Assender

Hazel Assender

Joint Head of Department, Associate Professor of Material

Solar: Thin films and organic PV, and large area manufacturing.

Profile picture in black and white of Chris Ballentine

Chris Ballentine

Professor of Geochemistry

Earth Resources: Oil/Gas exploration and production, CCS, fluid tracing.

Profile picture in black and white of Rene Banares-Alcantara

Rene Banares-Alcantara

Reader in Engineering Science

Economics, Policy & Politics: design of policies for energy reduction
Emerging Economies: 2G bioethanol, biorefinery design
Bioenergy: biorefinery design
Transport: design of policies for energy reduction

Profile picture in black and white of Idalina Baptista

Idalina Baptista

Associate Professor in Urban Anthropology

Emerging Economies: spatial patterns of energy infrastructure; social practices of energy supply and use;
Economics, Policy & Politics: politics of infrastructure investments; energy policymaking and governance
Profile picture in black and white of William Barford

William Barford

Professor of Theoretical Chemistry

Solar: Theoretical and computational modelling of energy and charge transport in organic photovoltaic devices

Profile picture in black and white of Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes

Associate Professor in Theoretical Physics

Nuclearmagnetic confinement fusion, plasma physics theory and simulation

Profile picture in black and white of Eric Beinhocker

Eric Beinhocker

Executive Director of the Institute for New Economic Thinking

Economics, Policy & Politics: The application of a multi-disciplinary perspective to global economic challenges.

Profile picture in black and white of Binjian Nie

Binjian Nie

Departmental Lecturer

Heating and Cooling:  Decarbonising heating and cooling using thermal/thermochemical energy storage, from materials to system integration, and their real-world applications.

Renewable Energy:  Electric-chemicals conversion, Synergy of carbon capture and chemical production(hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol) by chemical looping.

Storage and Vectors:Large-scale energy storage using green chemicals.

Profile picture in black and white of Brenda Boardman

Brenda Boardman

Emeritus Fellow: Energy

Demand and Efficiency Reducing demand in buildings, use patterns; appliances and housing; fuel poverty; demand for energy and energy services, households and commercial;
Economics, Policy & Politics Effectiveness of policy; market transformation; interactions between energy and climate change policy.