Oxford is addressing the major technical, social, economic and policy  challenges of providing secure, affordable and sustainable energy for all. Outlines of Oxford’s energy activities can be found by clicking on the headings in the ‘Energy Wheel’ on the home page or going to researchteaching, events, and news. Information about over 200 senior researchers whose research is wholly or partly related to energy can be found under people. These researchers engage with a large number of industrial and academic partners, as well as key stakeholders around the world, such as governments and NGOs – see Partnerships.

Oxford Energy Network

Work on different aspects of the energy challenge, which  must be addressed holistically, is linked up through the Oxford Energy Network.  To sign up to receive lists of energy seminars and meetings in Oxford, and the Oxford Energy Newsletter (see News), contact the Oxford Energy Network Co-ordinator, Anne L Ryan.

Oxford Networks for the Environment

oneProvision of water, food and energy, urbanisation and the protection of the environment are all linked. Work on these subjects is brought together by the Oxford Networks for the Environment (ONE), which links five multi-disciplinary networks tackling the grand challenges of the future: Biodiversity, Climate, Energy, Food and Water.

Teaching and training

Oxford offers a wide range of courses in disciplines related to energy. Information about MSc, D.Phil and other opportunities can be found under teaching and training. Oxford students run a very active energy society.