Research collaborations

Oxford Energy collaborates with small and large energy companies, and national governments, councils, government agencies and NGOs around the world.  Major industrial collaborators include Bosch, BP, British Gas, ETRI, EDF, Emirates, E.ON, Equinor, Faraday Institution, Habitat Energy, Jaguar Land Rover, Johnson Matthey, Kensa Contracting, KETEP, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, National Grid, Network Rail, Nissan, Nuvve, Ørsted, Piclo, Pivot Power, Rolls-Royce, Samsung, Schlumberger, Shell, Siemens, SSE Networks and UK Power Networks.

For enquires related to industrial collaboration contact Andy Gilchrist, Business Development Manager for Industry.


Oxford University Consulting provides advice and expertise to many companies in the energy sector, on topics including storage systems, electric vehicles, smart meters, tidal energy, nano technology and power conversion.

Contact Gurinder Punn for enquiries concerning possible consultancy with Oxford researchers.

Licensed Technologies

Licensing of intellectual property generated by Oxford researchers is managed by Oxford University Innovation. Agreements in place cover technologies that range from water purification, through methanol production and hydrogen production to solar concentration.

For more information please email


Spin out companies

Brill Power

Intelligent battery management and control technology increases the lifetime and reliability of lithium-ion battery packs for stationary energy storage and electric vehicles.

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Developing intelligent and connected hot water technologies, helping customers save money and reduce their impact on the environment while providing flexibility to the grid, enabling more renewable energy and supporting the clean energy transition.

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Oxford Flow

Reimagining valve technology by replacing the hydraulic drive train with a single moving part to create a family of axial valves and regulators that eliminate fugitive emissions, reduce cost and improve safety, reliability and performance in the water, oil and gas industries.

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Oxbotica’s portfolio of technology solutions enable mobile autonomy in a wide variety of deployments. The technology underpins the Oxford RobotCar — the UK’s first autonomous car approved for public trials

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Designer Carbon Materials

Designer Carbon Materials is developing advanced nanomaterials for a range of applications, including energy harvesting, bio-sensing and quantum nanoelectronics.

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Cutting-edge energy analytics and innovation to those concerned with energy management in practice. The software solutions were developed from research at the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute.

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Oxford PV

Developing new tandem photovoltaic cells, including a layer of perovskites, that will provide a sustainable solar energy source.

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The world’s leading supplier of electric drive powertrain solutions for the automotive and other transportation industries. The company was acquired by Mercedes-Benz in 2021 to take into the automotive markets. A separate company was split out (2021) and is taking the technology into aero-space markets (

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Velocys, previously Oxford Catalysts, produces speciality catalysts for the generation of clean fuels, from both conventional fossil fuels and renewable sources such as biomass.

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Our unique technology and proven experience from YASA enable us to fast-track the adoption of electric propulsion in aerospace, accelerating the growth of the electric Urban Air Mobility market and general electric aviation. This company was split out of YASA in 2021.

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First Light Fusion (2011)

Pioneering a new approach to fusion energy using inertial confinement, which offers a potentially cheaper and easier path to power production.

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ODQA (2018)

Odqa is developing a world-class thermal receiver that produces high grade heat from concentrated sunlight for industrial process heat, electricity, and solar fuel applications.

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Qdot (2020)

High heat flux technology. The company will provide advanced engineering solutions to challenging thermal problems such as those that occur in fusion reactors, or high-power density electronic systems.

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OxCCU (2021)

To optimise the catalyst performance and highlight the advantages of a catalyst to create green fuel for the aviation sector through carbon capture.

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