How could the home of the future change the way we use energy?

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Dr Tina Fawcett, senior researcher in the Energy Programme at Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute (ECI)  took part in a panel discussion for Smart Energy GB about smart meters and the home of the future. Over the past few years, the focus on lower-carbon energy production, and the introduc...

Professor Peter Norreys recognised by American Nuclear Society

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Professor Peter Norreys has been awarded the American Nuclear Society’s (ANS) Edward Teller Award. The prestigious award recognises pioneering research and leadership in the use of high-intensity drivers to produce unique high-density matter for scientific research and to conduct investigations...

Discovering the next generation of renewable energy technologies

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UKRI Apply for a Network Plus to discover and develop the next generation of renewable energy technologies. Applications must create coherence in an emerging research area to drive forward research in renewable energy technologies as part of the SUstainable PowER GENeration and supply (Supergen) ...

The Road to COP28 Runs Through Africa

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Smith School researcher Tonny Kukeera attended the African Climate Summit in Nairobi on 4th to 6th September and explores how it is creating a new path to sustainable development.


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