Past events

14 Jul

Sustainability Cafe: Retro Fit

Come and meet up with other purpose driven businesses to share ideas, inspiration and learning around the theme of sustainability. Aspire will share the emerging findings from their feasibility study into realising an inclusive, community-led approach to retrofitting residential properties in Oxfordshire, as an integral part of achieving a wider, inclusive transition towards a zero carbon way of living in the [...]

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13 Jul

International Conference on Evolving Cities

International Conference on Evolving Cities | University of Southampton |13 – 15 July 2022 | Hybrid conference The Third International Conference on Evolving Cities (ICEC 2022) will be taking place on the 13th-15th July 2022 at the newly built University of Southampton Centenary Building (B100) situated within the Highfield Campus at the University of Southampton, Southampton, UK. Following the success of ICEC [...]

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07 Jul

Breakfast Briefing: The UK’s Role In Developing Sustainable International Infrastructure Post COP26

With Julia Beck, Deputy Director for Strategy, UK Export Finance, and Matt Crossman, Deputy Director for Infrastructure, the Department for International Trade. When registering for this event you can choose whether you would prefer to attend in-person or virtually. Any members we are unable to accommodate face-to-face will be offered the opportunity to join virtually. The livestream will run from 08:30-09:30. The [...]

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05 Jul

An Observatory for public engagement with energy and climate change

Prof Jason Chilvers - Professor of Environment and Society at UEA, UKERC Co-Director and Public Engagement Observatory lead

UKERC webinar – An Observatory for public engagement with energy and climate change, Jul 5, 2022, 2:00 pm This webinar marks the launch of a new dedicated website and open-access database that maps diverse forms of public engagement with energy and climate change. Meaningful public engagement is now seen as crucial to addressing the challenges of energy transitions and climate change. While these [...]

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23 Jun

Strategy & serendipity: engaging with energy policy

The presenters from within Oxford University will draw on their own policy engagement experience in the energy space to offer practical tips and exercises to explore routes to impact. This session is for researchers and research support staff looking to develop skills in energy policy engagement and impact.   Organised as part of the University of Oxford Policy Engagement Network showcase week  

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22 Jun

New approaches and policy implications for resourcing the energy transition

Mike Kendall

How can we ensure that resourcing the transition to Net Zero is both sustainable and ethical? About this event How we, as a society, supply the resources and energy required to achieve a sustainable environment is an important global challenge. To address this, a recent workshop at the University of Oxford identified a number of multidisciplinary research themes relating to this challenge. [...]

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14 Jun

Energy Seminar – Week 8: Homeowner motivation, knowledge and involvement in domestic energy retrofit

Yekatherina Bobrova will speak in person at the Oxford Martin School

PLEASE NOTE – change of venue – this event will be held in the Atmosphere Room, Oxford University Centre for the Environment, OX1 3PY. Summary: Retrofit of domestic buildings will be crucial to deliver more affordable heating and meet climate goals. In recent Oxford Energy Network seminars, various speakers have explored skills, challenges in the supply chain and financing mechanisms. In [...]

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07 Jun

Energy Seminar – week 7: Gold (natural) hydrogen: Pipeline or pipedream?

Chris Ballentine will speak in person at the Oxford Martin School. To watch online register below for TEAMS webinar link.

The oldest parts of the continental crust generate between 0.36–2.273×1011 moles H2 per year through water-rock reactions and radiolysis [1]. Over geological timescales, the natural hydrogen generated would supply society’s current oil-equivalent needs with clean energy for well over 100,000 years. Natural (gold) hydrogen is found in many locations globally [1], but until recently has not been the focus of [...]

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06 Jun

eceee – Summer Study conference – Hyères, France – Early birds register by 8 April

eceee – Summer Study conference – Hyères, France Registration now open – Early birds register by 8 April Next in-person Summer Study in Hyères, the South of France, 6–11 June 2022 More than 200 formal presentations Informal sessions, workshops and side events Industrial efficiency panel reintroduced #eceee2022 – Stay tuned! Read more here. Register quickly to secure a spot – we’re serious! We really mean it: This is [...]

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24 May

Energy Seminar – week 5: Geospatial optimization and strategic investments in solar and wind: The case of the African continent and small island states –

Jay Doorga will speak in person at the Oxford Martin School. To watch online register below for TEAMS webinar link.

Summary: Countries worldwide are being urged to adopt utility-scale solar and wind to effectively decarbonize the global power sector. The strategic investment in wind and solar is becoming an increasingly important issue that necessitates the analysis of socio-economic, political, institutional, environmental, technical, and investment risk factors. This lecture introduces a geospatial-based approach to optimize on solar and wind at the [...]

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