Changes to the organisation of the Oxford Energy Network

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As some of you will know, Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith has stepped down from his role as Director of Energy for the University, and therefore as network convenor, after 7 years. Chris has made huge steps forward in the way we collaborate on, and publicise, energy research in Oxford. He wil...

Oxford Photovoltaics to receive EU finance

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Oxford Photovoltaics Germany GmbH, a subsidiary of Oxford PV, has announced they have received an EU bank financing of €15 million, to support the transfer of its perovskite on silicon tandem solar cell technology from lab scale to commercialisation.

Young Energy Professionals Forum – the YEP forum

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Energy UK’s Young Energy Professionals Forum, sponsored by CGI, drives the development of young people across the whole industry. The network provides opportunities to collaborate, improve and recognise success through topical events, access to industry leaders and site visits. Our membership h...

Oxford Energy Day 2017: Energy in Growing Economies

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According to BP’s 2017 Energy Outlook, energy use in non-OECD countries is expected to increase by some 50%  and make up over two-thirds of global energy consumption by 2035.  This is lifting billions out of poverty, and underwriting the achievement of the millennium goals. How this increase ...

Mainsteam event

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Over 50 energy enthusiasts from across the University met with Mainstream RP – a leader in the delivery of wind and solar installations worldwide, includingSouth Africa, Chile and Vietnam. In an afternoon of simulating lectures they learned about the entire chain from planning, to construc...

2016/17 New Energy Systems Thinkers programme announced

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This term the Energy Network is running a series of introductory lectures on energy issues at the Oxford Martin School. The talks are aimed at postgraduate students but they are open to the wider University community. Topics covered include: energy and development, the carbon problem, energy econ...

Michaelmas talks announced

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The Michaelmas Energy Colloquia series commences on 11 October with a talk by Lord Oxburgh on CCS. This term the talks cover some of the key topics in the energy field, including: tidal power; redox flow batteries; nuclear energy; the built environment and storage.

5th Oxford Energy Conference report

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The annual Oxford Energy Conference took place at the Mathematics Institute on 13 June. This year the conference focussed on Energy Systems including electricity, transport and heat.


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