Energy Efficiency: It’s Time To Get Next Level

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Energy efficiency is crucial to cutting fuel costs and decoupling growth from emissions – but managing energy demand is equally important. A new report shows that actions as simple as using energy at the right time could save 40m tonnes of CO2 across the UK and Europe.

Technical annex – Hydrogen heating

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In the second National Infrastructure Assessment, the Commission recommends that government should not support the rollout of hydrogen heating. Recognising that there is a spectrum of views on the topic, this annex provides an explanation of the assessment underpinning the Commission’s recommen...

Hydrogen heating may save £5bn more than heat pumps

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A new study has been widely reported, suggesting that hydrogen for home heating could save more than £5 billion annually compared to electric heat pumps. The study by Imperial College London was commissioned by gas distribution company Cadent. This study includes heat pump costs and investment i...


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