Nature Energy, Policy and Modelling

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Following on from the news item posted on 28th February, INET Oxford Complexity Economics Programme Director and Smith School Baillie Gifford Professor of Complex Systems Science at the Oxford Martin School, Doyne Farmer, said that there was a danger that traditional economic modellers were being...

UK heat pump installers rise by 166%

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Industry data reveals an increase in qualified heat pump installers, with numbers jumping by 166% from approximately 3,000 in 2022 to nearly 8,000 in 2023.

Economics of the energy sector

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Inquiry The Committee has launched a new inquiry which will examine how the structure of the energy sector might be reformed to encourage greater decarbonisation, keep prices affordable for customers and maintain a secure and reliable supply.

Homes for Net Zero

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The Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) has linked up with E.ON, University College London, and the University of Oxford, to deliver Homes for Net Zero. This is a government-funded research programme aiming to identify options for homeowners to decarbonise their homes by testing practical solutions.

‘World’s most efficient’ solar panel achieved

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A collaboration between Oxford PV (a spin-out of the University of Oxford), and the Fraunhofer Institute sets a new record with a solar panel achieving 25% conversion efficiency, exceeding the typical 24% of commercial modules.

The Oxford Offsetting Principles

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The Oxford Offsetting Principles report is an essential resource to guide the design and delivery of net-zero commitments by government, cities and companies.


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