Five research projects initiated to advance batteries for emerging economies

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As part of the Ayrton Challenge on Energy Storage, UK international development funding to support the clean energy transition, the Faraday Institution has awarded five battery research projects, representing an investment of £610k, to progress the development of improved and lower cost battery ...

Six innovative ways to float skyscraper-sized wind turbines

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Yes, you read that right – float. You may have seen a wind turbine in the sea before, but chances are you were looking at a “fixed” turbine – that is, one that sits on top of a foundation drilled into the seabed. For the new frontier of offshore wind power, the focus is on floating wind t...

Oxford part of new superconductivity training hub

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The Department of Physics at the University of Oxford is delighted to be part of the brand new EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Superconductivity: Enabling Transformative Technologies.

Superconducting: Enabling Transformative Technologies

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The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training has announced its investment in some news CDTs, one of which is ‘Superconductivity: Enabling Transformative Technologies’, and is co-led by Professor Susie Speller.


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