New retrofit standards, new roles, existing policy, do they all fit together?

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Marina Topouzi, Research Associate in Energy Demand at the Environmental Change Institute, has been involved in developing retrofit standards for low energy buildings that involve specifications for new roles and skills. She recently attended a training course to become qualified as a ‘Retrofit Co-ordinator’. She gives a short overview of how these different aspects are expected to be linked and changed to help deliver improvements to the UK’s building stock.

Early insights into the scale-up of smart local energy systems.

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The scale-up of smart local energy systems (SLES) that combine renewable energy (RE) and smart technologies for system flexibility has been seen as a potential way to accelerate the energy transition to deep decarbonisation (Ford et al, 2019).

What we need to do now: For a Zero-Carbon Future – Chris Goodall

Oxford Energy Society presents author, businessman and climate change expert Chris Goodall on Wednesday, 21 October.  Goodall’s ‘What We Need To Do Now: For a Zero-Carbon Future’ was short-listed for the 2020 Wainwright Prize for writing on global conservation. His latest book, The Switch, covers the unstoppable rise of solar power.

Knowledge Transfer Network

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The Energy Catalyst Programme is open to all energy technology from any sector. However, to be in scope for round 8 your project must address the following 3 subjects: energy access, the energy ‘trilemma’, gender and social inclusion.

MSc in Energy Systems 2019-20, University of Oxford

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We are in the final weeks of the first year of the inaugural cohort for the MSc in Energy Systems. Thankfully the classroom teaching was not disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the University closure. Only minor changes to two of the non-taught assessments were made. We are in the process of moving into the student’s research projects that are due to be submitted at the beginning of September.

TESA The Energy Systems Accelerator

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The Energy Network has been leading in promoting a multi-disciplinary approach to net zero-carbon energy systems. We have worked over the last 10 years on many major projects and with many partners, with an emphasis on multi-disciplinary working. Our influence and success is evidenced by the fact that Oxford hosts 2 of the 4 UK Government’s Large-scale Demonstrators (funded under the Industrial Strategy’s ‘Prospering from the Energy Revolution’). Both have strong University involvement.


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