NEWS: Local Energy Systems – Energy and Power Group – University Of Oxford Engineering Science

The world is moving towards renewable energy resources. However, in a low-carbon system, sources for power such as solar and wind are both uncertain and intermittent. Local energy systems need to adapt and become flexible to meet consumer demand. Researchers from the Energy and Power Group at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford are looking into smart technologies that can be introduced to our energy systems on the path to meeting net-zero goals.

NEWS: IEA Responding to the energy market impacts of Russia’s invasion

The IEA is closely monitoring the implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for global energy markets – and acting accordingly. In the last week, they released a 10-Point Plan for how the European Union can reduce its reliance on Russian natural gas imports by more than one-third within a year while sticking to its climate goals and maintaining energy security and affordability. This came days after their member countries agreed to release millions of barrels of emergency oil stocks to reassure global markets that there will be no supply shortfall.

NEWS: TESA pilot aims to forge UK’s energy systems transition

There is arguably no greater challenge for the UK and the rest of the world right now than the energy systems transition. Radical challenges require radical solutions. A new world-leading multi-disciplinary hub and co-working space located in Oxford, Mini TESA – The Energy Systems Accelerator pilot – aims to tackle the challenge


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