Past events

20 Feb

Energy Seminar – Week 6 HT24: Centralisation, state intervention and the redistribution of power in energy markets

Jose Maria Valenzuela

Summary: State intervention in the energy sector has become increasingly evident, even in the most liberal arrangement of electricity markets –including in the UK. However, the literature treats these as marginal interventions to provide incentives or reduce business risks. This presentation will argue that the role of state intervention is more structural that just intervention on price signals. The presentation [...]

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Seminar | Week 6
16 Feb

Batteries, dominos and exponential mathematics: why do we continue to underestimate the speed of the energy transition?

Dr Marek Kubik

A compelling speaker event that demystifies the pace at which the energy sector is evolving towards sustainability. Marek, Kubik, a distinguished figure in the energy storage sector will be sharing his insights on batteries, dominos, and exponential mathematics. Marek has over 15 years of experience in the energy sector and is currently leading efforts to create a 100% renewable power grid [...]

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13 Feb

Energy Seminar – Week 5 HT24: Efficient Wind Energy Systems – Challenges and Opportunities to Enable a Clean Energy Future

Lucy Pao

THIS IS AN IN PERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: Wind energy is recognized worldwide as cost-effective and environmentally friendly and is among the fastest-growing sources of electrical energy. We will provide an overview of wind energy systems, discuss some of the challenges in the design and operation of wind turbines, and highlight how the performance of these systems has been improved [...]

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Seminar | Week 5
30 Jan

Energy Seminar – Week 3 HT24: MSc in Energy Systems dissertation projects, understanding university building energy consumption & Green hydrogen in South Africa

Laurence Peinturier, DPhil candidate, Engineering Science, Colin Kinghorn, MSc Energy Systems alumnus

Summary: Limiting global warming to 1.5°C necessitates a significant reduction in energy demand and an increase in energy efficiency, particularly within the building sector; responsible for 26% of global energy-related emissions and 25% of UK emissions in 2022. Among UK buildings, higher education institutions (HEIs) rank second in energy intensity, due to their diverse array of activities, spaces, and age. To [...]

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Seminar | Week 3
23 Jan

Energy Seminar – Week 2 HT24: Finding the fuel poor and framing better policy

Dr Brenda Boardman, Emeritus Fellow, ECI, Dr Tina Fawcett, Senior Researcher, ECI

Summary: During winter 2022/23 residential energy prices were exceptionally high in the UK and Europe. The UK government responded by subsidising prices for all households, spending almost £50 billion, and similar decisions were made across Europe. Despite the huge expenditure of public money, many millions of households still suffered from inadequate access to energy. This talk presents analysis of the experience [...]

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Seminar | Week 2
17 Jan

COP 28: Over and Out?

Professor Isabel Oliver - Director General of Science and Research & Chief Scientific Officer at the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) Dr Rosie Rowe - Head of Healthy Place Shaping at Oxfordshire County Council Paul Skinner - Co-Chair and Company Secretary at Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon Alexis McGivern - Net Zero Standards Manager at Oxford Net Zero

Back in 2015, the Paris Agreement marked a significant step forward in global efforts to combat climate change. However, the recent UN Climate Change Conference, COP 28 in Dubai, has left us with more uncertainties than assurances about our ability to address the climate crisis through good governance. Fossil fuels continue to be widely used, prompting a need for urgent action [...]

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16 Jan

Energy Seminar Week 1 HT24: Using Data and AI to Deliver a Fully Sustainable Global Energy System

Lucy Yu, CEO at Centre for Net Zero

Summary: As more of our energy is generated from variable renewable sources and key sectors such as transport and heat electrify further, our future energy system will undergo fundamental transformation. The most important and yet least well understood changes concern the demand side. Established in 2021 by the global innovator Octopus Energy Group, Centre for Net Zero (CNZ) conducts independent, AI [...]

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Seminar | Week 1
05 Dec

‘Just’ Energy Infrastructure for the Climate Common Good’ FORUM

The University of Pau and the Pays de l’Adour, the TREE Research Centre (Energy and Environmental Transitions), the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS, France), the Maison Française d’Oxford and the Institute of European and Comparative Law (University of Oxford) are convening for the ‘Just’ Energy Infrastructure for the Climate Common Good: a Comparative International Analysis Forum. The Forum event [...]

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