Past events

21 Nov

Energy Seminar – Week 7: The roles of nuclear fission and fusion in the future UK energy system

Professor William Nuttall, CPhys FInstP FRSA

THIS IS AN IN PERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: Fusion has somehow leapt from being a distant concern of horizon-scanning academics and national lab researchers to being a trendy new start-up technology. Fission advocates have a new plan that is factory built and hopefully cheaper than the vast 2-reactor power plant under construction near Bristol. Fusion research and development has seen [...]

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Seminar | Week 7
14 Nov

Energy Seminar – Week 6: Bringing Breakthrough Technologies to Market: Solar Power and Feed-in Tariffs

Sugandha Srivastav

THIS IS AN IN PERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: Solving societal problems such as climate change requires commercializing new technologies. Yet, due to incomplete information, there are under-developed markets for finance and insurance for these new technologies. Temporary support to bring the first set of projects to market may be warranted to resolve this credit market failure. Sugandha investigates the impact [...]

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Seminar | Week 6
14 Nov

CREDS: Drop-in session (online) – Using research in policy: perspective from a secondee to DESNZ

Peter Mallburn, Government Affairs Manager

Peter Mallaburn is the Government Affairs Manager for CREDS providing a liaison role between CREDS and UK Government Departments. He is currently also doing a part-time secondment to DESNZ in the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme where he is supporting the work on non-domestic heat pump deployment. This session will be run as a ‘Drop-in’ style where Peter will provide a 15-minute [...]

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07 Nov

Energy Seminar – Week 5: The UK energy demand observatory – how Oxford helps to understand and accelerate changes in energy demand

Dr Phil Grunewald

THIS IS AN IN PERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: The way we use energy will have to undergo fundamental changes during the transition towards a net-zero world. Many of the technical solutions are known: insulate homes, electrify heating and transport, deploy smarter, more efficient and flexible appliances. But how well do they work in practice? Tracking the impact requires careful observation [...]

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Seminar | Week 5
31 Oct

Energy Seminar – Week 4: Royal Society Report on Energy Storage

Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn-Smith FRS

THIS IS AN IN PERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: Electricity will meet an increasing fraction of the world’s growing energy needs as fossil fuels are phased out.  In Great Britain most will be provided by wind and solar. To match wind and solar, which are volatile, with demand, which is variable, they must be complemented by using wind and solar generated [...]

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Seminar | Week 4
24 Oct

Energy Seminar – Week 3: Winning the Energy Transition

Chris Nelder, xenetwork

THIS IS AN IN PERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: Researchers focusing on the energy transition, as well as the journalists and podcasters who cover them, risk focusing too much on the facts of climate science and the portfolio of technology solutions that can effectuate the energy transition, while missing the vitally important context of realpolitik and political economy in which we [...]

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Seminar | Week 3
17 Oct

Energy Seminar – Week 2: Targeting Transformation of the World’s Energy Supply with the Most Practical Path to Commercial Fusion Energy

Myles Hildebrand, General Fusion

THIS IS AN IN PERSON AND ONLINE EVENT Summary: This talk will explain Magnetized Target Fusion, how it draws on concepts from both magnetic and inertial confinement fusion and sidesteps the traditional barriers to commercial fusion. A brief overview of past experimental success will be provided along with a description of General Fusion’s future plans on their path to commercialization. General [...]

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Seminar | Week 2