TESA The Energy Systems Accelerator

The Energy Network has been leading in promoting a multi-disciplinary approach to net zero-carbon energy systems. We have worked over the last 10 years on many major projects and with many partners, with an emphasis on multi-disciplinary working. Our influence and success is evidenced by the fact that Oxford hosts 2 of the 4 UK Government’s Large-scale Demonstrators (funded under the Industrial Strategy’s ‘Prospering from the Energy Revolution’). Both have strong University involvement.

We are now proposing The Energy Systems Accelerator (TESA) to significantly scale up the work and so ensure the UK delivers its net zero carbon targets – Download the TESA PDF. TESA will collocate key stakeholders to co-create solutions, deliver global leadership in net zero carbon energy systems and also underpin re-development of the Osney Mead industrial estate.

This exciting, ambitious project already has strong support from many key stakeholders, including the Energy Systems Catapult. If you are interested in knowing more, participating, supporting or influencing, do let us know!

Andy Gilchrist, MPLS, June 2020

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