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The Future of Cooling Programme is based at the Oxford Martin School and is part of the Oxford Energy Network, University of Oxford.

Cooling is necessary for the quality of life of billions of people living in developing countries and, increasingly, for those developed countries traditionally unprepared for ever more frequent heatwaves due to climate change.

The ‘Future of Cooling’ research programme based at the Oxford Martin School explained recently how their Cooling research is impacting the energy transition landscape. They have published over 21 papers in the last 18 months.  One of these papers’  ‘Cooling for Sustainable Development’, fronted the March 2021 edition of Nature Sustainability and has received much-acclaimed media attention.

In another paper on Net Zero Cooling they have set out a vision for action, in collaboration with other stakeholders in the field, collectively detailing key milestones for action to 2050 that will be necessary to fully implement the Paris Agreement.

You can read the Future of Cooling PoRtRait here.

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