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Alessandro Abate

Professor of Verification and Control

Demand and Efficiency: demand response
Electricity networks: micro grids, smart buildings
Solar: populations of photovoltaic panels

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Christopher Adam

Professor of Development Economics

Contact Person Energy in Developing Countries
Energy in Developing Countries: Energy pricing, economic management of hydrocarbon revenues
Economics, Policy & Politics: Energy demand, transport and structural change
Transport: Economics

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Nihan Akyelken

Associate Professor in Sustainable Urban Development

Transport: Mobility; innovation
Economics, Policy & Politics: Political economy of infrastructure; low carbon growth;

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Simon Aldridge

Professor of Main Group Chemistry

Storage: Hydrogen storage by lighter Main group hydrides, in particular catalysis of the processes of hydrogen evolution/uptake.

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Wade Allison

Emeritus Professor of Physics

Economics, Policy & Politics: international misunderstanding of radiation safety and its social, economic and political consequences
Nuclear: education and understanding of the impact radiation on human life, safety regulations

Secretary of SONE (Supporters Of Nuclear Energy)

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David Armstrong

Royal Academy of engineering fellow in nuclear materials

Nuclear: Materials for fusion and fission power, ODS Steels, radiation damage, refractory alloys and composites, Zirconium alloys

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David Banister

Emeritus Professor of Transport Studies

Transport: Mobility, accessibility, urban form, land use and transport
Economics, Policy & Politics: Decision making, environment, evaluation, and sustainable urban development.

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Idalina Baptista

Associate Professor in Urban Anthropology

Energy in Developing Countries: spatial patterns of energy infrastructure; social practices of energy supply and use;
Economics, Policy & Politics: politics of infrastructure investments; energy policymaking and governance

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Rene Bañares-Alcántara

Reader in Engineering Science and Tutor in Engineering

Economics, Policy & Politics: design of policies for energy reduction
Energy in Developing Countries: 2G bioethanol, biorefinery design
Bioenergy: biorefinery design
Transport: design of policies for energy reduction

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Eric Beinhocker

Executive Director of the Institute for New Economic Thinking

Economics, Policy & Politics: The application of a multi-disciplinary perspective to global economic challenges.

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Brenda Boardman

Emeritus Fellow: Energy

Demand and Efficiency Reducing demand in buildings, use patterns; appliances and housing; fuel poverty; demand for energy and energy services, households and commercial;
Economics, Policy & Politics Effectiveness of policy; market transformation; interactions between energy and climate change policy.

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Christian Brand

Senior Research Fellow in Transport

Transport: Strategic transport-energy-environment modelling, Carbon and health; transport and mobility;
Demand and Efficiency: scenarios; integrated assessment of transport, and transport energy demand policy.

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Chris Breward

Co-Director, EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling

Fossil Fuels: Enhanced Oil Recovery; cavitation in fuels and lubricants
Solar: Operation of dye-sensitised cells; fabrication of polymer blended cells; contact resistance in silicon cells

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Susan Bright

Professor of Land Law

Economics, Policy and Politics: regulation of the built environment
Demand & Efficiency: multi-occupied property (residential and commercial)

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Peter Bruce

Wolfson Chair of Materials

Contact Person Storage
Storage: Batteries, including new electrode and electrolyte materials, interfaces, mechanisms
Transport: Batteries
Electricity Networks: Storage

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Byron Byrne

Professor of Engineering Science

Marine: Offshore wind, tidal energy, offshore foundation design, offshore geotechnics
Fossil Fuels: Offshore foundations, offshore pipelines, and geotechnical engineering

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Ben Caldecott

Director, Sustainable Finance Programme, Smith School

Economics, policy, politics: sustainable finance, green finance, responsible investment, stranded assets, energy policy, climate policy, climate finance, environmental risk
Fossil fuels:  coal, oil, gas, power sector
Developing countries: sustainability, China, institutional investors

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Joe Cartwright

Professor of Earth Sciences

Contact Person Fossil Fuels
Fossil Fuels: Hydrocarbon exploration through geological analysis of 3D seismic data; unconventional hydrocarbons and the role of natural fractures in shale gas production; fluid migration in sedimentary basins; and the development of geological faults and fractures.

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Roger Cashmore

Emeritus Professor and Chairman of United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

Economics, Policy & Politics: Role of Nuclear in Energy Policy, Political Issues
Nuclear: Fusion, Fission reactors, Fuel Cycle, Regulation

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Elizabeth Chatterjee

Examination Fellow

Economics, Policy & Politics: decision-making in the Indian power sector
Energy in Developing Countries: political economy of Indian electricity
Electricity Networks: liberalization in developing countries

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Paul Collier

Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Economics, Policy & Politics: Management of oil and gas discoveries; economics of green energy
Fossil fuels: Closing coal

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Mike Daly

Visiting Professor

Fossil fuels: the global oil and gas endowment; the future of petroleum exploration; continental sedimentary basin development and resource distribution; exploration of the arctic seas.
Energy in developing countries: Sub-Saharan Africa resources; the energy-water nexus.
Economics, Policy & Politics: State owned National Oil Companies, their resources and future.

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Sarah Darby

Senior Researcher and deputy leader, Lower Carbon Futures group

Economics, Policy & Politics: Customer-utility relations, fuel poverty
Electricity Networks: Smart meter rollout
Demand and Efficiency: Residential demand, energy advice programmes, consumption feedback, and social learning

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Richard Darton

Professor of Engineering Science

Transport: Car fleet sustainability, health effects of pollution
Economics, Policy & Politics: Defining and measuring energy security
Energy in Developing Countries: Nigerian energy economy
Demand and Efficiency: Heat exchanger networks and pinch analysis
Fossil Fuels: Negative emissions technologies; assessment of geoengineering schemes

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Bill David

Professor of Chemistry

Storage: Hydrogen and ammonia storage with a particular emphasis on lightweight, reversible systems. Modelling ionic diffusion in hydrogen storage systems, batteries and fuel-cell electrodes.
Transport: Hydrogen provision for fuel-cell electric vehicles
Electricity Networks: Chemical storage based on hydrogen

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Martin Davy

Associate Professor

Fossil Fuels: Spark ignition engine combustion, low temperature diesel combustion, natural gas engine combustion, fuel sprays
Demand and Efficiency: Internal combustion engine efficiency
Bioenergy: Alcohol blended fuels, use of syngas in engines.

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Peter Edwards

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Contact Person Petrochemicals
Solar: Transparent conducting coatings for solar cells; solar chemical fuels from CO2
Fossil Fuels: Sustainability in the modern petrochemical industry
Bioenergy: Algae jet biofuel
Storage: Hydrogen and ammonia storage materials

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Nick Eyre

Professor of Energy and Climate Policy

Contact Person Demand and Efficiency

Leader, ECI Energy Research Programme: Lower Carbon Futures

Economics, Policy & Politics: Energy efficiency and demand reduction policy, multi-scalar governance, market based instruments, carbon markets, UK energy policy, community and local projects

Electricity Networks: Energy efficiency obligations and feed-in tariffs, demand response and reduction in capacity markets;

Demand and Efficiency: Energy demand in all sectors, socio-technical approaches; policy interventions.


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Chris Farmer

Research Fellow

Fossil Fuels: Geological modelling, oil reservoir simulation, geostatistics, history matching, and seismic inversion.

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J. Doyne Farmer

Co-Director, Complexity Economics

Economics: Discounting, forecasting technology improvement
Fossil fuels: Historical costs of coal-fired electricity
Nuclear: Pros and cons
Solar: Cost forecasts

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Bassam Fattouh

Director, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Contact Person Oil and Gas Markets
Economics, Policy and Politics: Political Economy of Resource Rich Economies; Energy Policy; OPEC Behaviour; Oil Pricing System
Fossil Fuels: Oil and Gas Markets
Energy in developing countries: Energy Poverty; Energy Subsidies

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Stephen Faulkner

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Nuclear: Chemistry of the fuel cycle elements, development of spectroscopic techniques for remote monitoring of speciation and for environmental analysis/remediation and study of minor actinide separation

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Tina Fawcett

Senior Researcher and Acting Deputy Leader, ECI Energy Programme

Economics, Policy & Politics: UK & EU, energy demand, personal carbon trading, equity, fuel poverty
Demand and Efficiency: Households, non-domestic sectors, technology, behaviour

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Bent Flyvbjerg

BT Professor and Chair of Major Programme Management

Economics, Policy & Politics: Research on energy megaprojects, risk management, biases and strategic misrepresenation in decision-making on large-scale energy capital investment projects.

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Helen Gavin

Programme Manager and Knowledge Exchange Researcher for Renewable Energy

Dr Helen Gavin is a sustainability professional, passionate about renewable energy and water resources.

Following a PhD in wetland hydrology, Helen became a Chartered Environmental Scientist with has more than 18 years of professional experience in quantitative environmental issues, that span water resources, hydroecology, hydropower, onshore wind energy projects, and more. She has audited water companies for ~10 years on greenhouse gas and renewable energy production as well as other topics. She has covered a range of roles including technical specialist, auditor and programme manager.

At the same time, Helen managed the multi-disciplinary research programme evaluating the risk and impact of drought and water scarcity in the UK, MaRIUS, working closely alongside the PI, Professor Jim Hall at the University of Oxford, and numerous industry practitioners and stakeholders. A key aspect was to ensure the outputs can be used by people working in the management of drought and water scarcity: see here for free data and outputs.

Currently, she is focusing on her passion for renewable energy. Helen has renovated her house to be as low carbon as possible, with rooftop solar panels that power the house, heat water and charge her electric car. Next step will be to remove the gas boiler and be completely fossil fuel free….

As Manager and Knowledge Exchange researcher of the Programme to Integrate Renewable Energy, Helen bring the results and findings of the programme an associated project to new audiences, and fosters a culture of collaborative working between academia and practitioners.

Get in touch if you want to know more. Why not subscribe to her monthly newsletter on renewable energy?

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Jose Goicoechea

Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Fossil Fuels: Catalysis, fuel generation and combustion product transformation; carbon dioxide activation

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Doug Gollin

Professor of Development Economics

Energy in Developing Countries: Agriculture, growth, energy inputs
Economics, Policy & Politics: World food prices and relation to energy prices
Transport: Economics

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Paul Goulart

Associate Professor

Demand & Efficiency: Optimal building control. Load shifting and demand management.
Networks: Power flow optimisation.
Economics: Pricing of renewables in energy markets.

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Patrick Grant

Vesuvius Professor of Materials

Storage: novel manufacture of supercapacitor and battery electrodes
Nuclear: processing of advanced metallics for fusion and fission
Transport: manufacture of high temperature aeroengine materials and lightweight airframe alloys

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Peter Grindrod

Professor of Mathematics

Contact Person Electricity Networks
Electricity Networks: Smart meters and low voltage networks
Demand and Efficiency: consumer segregation and response and real time forecasting.

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Philipp Grünewald

EPSRC Fellow

Demand and Efficiency: demand response, load profiles, flexibility
Economics, Policy & Politics: low carbon transition, strategic policy development
Electricity Networks: integration of low carbon sources, curtailment, reinforcement
Storage: techno-economic modelling in future systems, market and system value, stakeholder attitudes, policy and regulation

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Robert Hahn

Director of Economics

Economics, Policy & Politics: U.S. energy politics, political economy of climate change
Electricity Networks: Understanding the politics and economics of smartgrids
Demand & Efficiency: Assessing ways to “nudge” behaviour in desired directions
Transport: Political economy of alternative fuels and infrastructure development

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Ben Hambly

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Economics, Policy and Politics: Modelling of Energy markets, pricing derivatives
Fossil Fuels: Valuation of power plants

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Barbara Harriss-White

Emeritus Professor

Energy in Developing Countries: Energy, water, greenhouse gases, costs, returns and labour in the production and distribution of rice.
Economics, Policy & Politics

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Mike Hayward

Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Storage: Electrolytes for supercapacitors, batteries and oxide fuel cells. Fluoride ion batteries. New superconductors.

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Li He

Rolls-Royce/Royal Academy of Engineering Professor of Computational Aerothermal Engineering

Transport:  Aerodynamics, Aeroelasticity and Heat Transfer; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Shape Design and Optimization for Turbomachinery.

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Manus Henry

Associate Professor, Dept of Engineering

Fossil Fuels: Metering marine fuel and multiphase flow metering for upstream oil and gas.

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Cameron Hepburn

Professor of environmental economics

Contact Person Economics, Policy & Politics
Economics, Policy & Politics: Climate change, emissions trading, carbon taxes, local pollutants, integrated assessment
Electricity Networks: Security of supply, cost and economics, global modelling;
Demand and Efficiency: National energy systems in China, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia.

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Anouk Honoré

Senior Research Fellow

Fossil Fuels: Natural gas
Demand and Efficiency: Gas supply and demand fundamentals
Economics, Policy & Politics: Energy and environmental policies in Europe
Electricity Networks: Gas for power, fuel mix
Energy in Developing Countries: Gas in Latin America.

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Dr Debbie Hopkins

Research Centre: Centre for Innovation and Energy Demand, Transport Studies Unit

Transport: transport and mobility, energy and climate change
Associate Editor: Journal of Sustainable Tourism

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Ian Horrocks

Professor of Computer Science

Fossil Fuels: Ontology-based data access for exploration and exploitation
Demand & Efficiency: Ontology-based domestic energy management advice

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Guy Houlsby

Professor of Civil Engineering

Contact Person Fossil Fuels – Upstream engineering
Fossil Fuel: Offshore oil and gas
Marine: Offshore wind, tidal power

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David Howey

Associate Professor in Engineering Science

Storage: Battery modelling and diagnostics
Transport: electric motors, condition monitoring, thermal management
Energy in Developing Countries: Off-grid systems

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Sam Howison

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Economics: Models of trading in energy and carbon markets, exhaustible resource modellling
Demand & Efficiency: Pricing of storage, swing options

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Wei Huang

Associate Professor

Bioenergy: Synthetic biology, biofuels, CO2, SimCells
Demand and Efficiency: Biofuels
Solar: Synthetic biology
Storage: Biofuels

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Peter Ireland

Donald Schultz Chair in Turbomachinery

Transport: Gas turbine technology including heat transfer, internal cooling cooling, film cooling, turbine tip clearance control, instrumentation, heat exchangers, and engine fire attack
Nuclear: Tokamak cooling

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Katy Janda

Senior Researcher

Social and technical dimensions of changing building practices
Demand & Efficiency: Socio-technical analysis, organisational factors, non-domestic buildings
Economics, Policy & Politics: Building standards, voluntary programmes

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Christian N Jardine

Senior Researcher

Economics, Policy & Politics: broad energy policy, promoting microgeneration, feed-in tariffs
Electricity Networks: integration of microgeneration, demand side management, time of day tariffs and pricing
Energy in Developing Countries: microgenertion, off-grid, micro-grids
Demand & Efficiency: domestic and commercial
Solar: technologies, economics, markets, policy mechanisms, technology learning, spinout: Joju Solar

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Nick Jelley

Professor and Tutor in Physics

Solar: Solar concentrator for cooking; power generation
Energy in Developing Countries: Solar concentrator for cooking; power generation
Storage: Thermal

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Angus Johnston

Professor of Law

Economics, Policy & Politics: Legal requirements, law and policy on electricy markets
Fossil Fuels: Law and decision-making
Nuclear: Subsidies and legal rules
Storage: Legal rules and regulators
Demand and Efficiency: Legal regimes, rules and incentives
Solar: Rules and policies

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Colin Johnston

Senior Research Fellow

Transport: advanced power trains, power electronics, batteries, high temperature electronics, electronic packaging
Storage: electrochemical, scalable processing, capacitors, supercaps
Electricity Networks: power electronics

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Kärg Kama

Research and Teaching Fellow in Human Geography

Fossil Fuels: Resource governance, unconventional energy development, oil shales, shale gas
Economics, Policy and Politics: Energy security, carbon trading, marketization, market integration and regulation, geopolitics, EU energy policy

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Malcolm Keay

Senior Research Fellow

Economics; Policy and Politics: Policy approaches to decarbonising electricity, and the implications
Demand and efficiency: Policy assessment

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Gavin Killip


Housing: low-energy renovation options, risks and strategies; construction industry practices and institutions; governance of decision-making

Energy in buildings: integrating design, construction, maintenance  and operation

Innovation: sources and diffusion of new products, practices and processes

Multiple impacts of energy efficiency: use of estimates beyond energy cost saving, eg on jobs and health

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Tim Kruger

James Martin Fellow, Oxford Geoengineering Programme

Economics, Policy & Politics: Geoengineering, carbon pricing
Marine: Ocean alkalinity enhancement
Nuclear: Storing nuclear heat
Electricity Networks: energy storage
Storage: ‘Chemical pump storage’
Bioenergy: Reducing water requirements for biofuel production

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Vladimir Kuznetsov

Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry

Solar: Transparent conducting oxides
Storage: Hydrogen storage materials
Demand and Efficiency: Hydrogen economy, thermoelectric materials
Fossil Fuels: Catalysts for CO2 reduction

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Marta Kwiatkowska

Professor of Computing Systems

Electricity Networks: Modelling and predictive analysis for smart-grid
Demand and Efficiency: Modelling and quantitative verification and detailed analysis of energy usage

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Russell Layberry

Senior Researcher in Energy Modelling

Transport: Electric vehicles, engine monitoring
Electricity Networks: Smart grid
Demand and Efficiency: Energy use in buildings, energy monitoring and management

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Felix Leach

Associate Professor

Air Quality: Local air quality (particularly NOx)

Demand and Efficiency: Internal combustion engine efficiency

Bioenergy: Alcohol blended fuels, e-fuels

Fossil Fuels: Internal Combustion Engines

Transport Systems: Thermal propulsion systems

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Bruce Levell

Visiting Professor

Fossil Fuels: Resource availibility and location
Storage: Sub-surface
Economics, Policy & Politics: Incumbent energy companies and their role in the energy transition

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Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith

Director of Energy Research

Responsible for pulling together energy research across the University
Economics, Policy & Politics: Energy technologies, economics, politics, sociology and resources, and trade-offs between sustainability, affordability, reliability and  security
Nuclear: Fusion

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Neil Macfarlane

Lester B Pearson Professor of International Relations

Economics, Policy & Politics: Politics and international relations of energy production and trade (governance in producer states, political distortion of energy trade), Russia and the Caspian Basin.

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Ho-Yin Mak

Associate Professor in Management Science

Solar Energy: adoption, marketing and incentives


Storage: capacity planning, investment and integration with renewable energy


Transport: electric vehicles (infrastructure planning and adoption), alternative business models (e.g., car sharing)

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Kostas Margellos

Associate Professor (Control Engineering)

Demand and Efficiency: Distributed energy management in building networks. Optimal charging control of electric vehicles.
Electricity Networks: Stochastic optimal power flow and unit commitment
Energy Economics: Pricing in demand response mechanisms


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Chris Martin

Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Science

Fossil Fuels: Foundations for offshore structures
Marine: Subsea pipe-soil interaction.

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Mike Mason

Bioenergy: Improving efficiency of anaerobic digestion plant
Energy in Developing Countries: Using semi arid land to grow energy crops
Storage: Using biogas storage to complement wind and solar energy

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Malcolm McCulloch

Associate Professor in Engineering Science

Transport: electric motors, power train, well to wheels analysis
Electricity Networks: monitoring stress on the grid
Storage: thermal
Energy in Developing Countries: smart user-centric local systems

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Alex Money

Programme Director

Economics, Policy & Politics: business decision-making
Networks: innovative solutions to the challenge of insufficient investment in infrastructure
Solar: models for utility-scale solar powered electricity
Energy in Developing Countries: models for utility-scale solar power deployment

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Charles Monroe


Storage and Transport

Demand and Efficiency

Electricity Networks: storage for potential applications to grids in response to increasing penetration of renewables

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Michael Moody

Head of Atom Probe Research Group

Nuclear: Atom probe characterization of structural materials for fission and fusion reactors
Solar: Atom probe characterization of photovoltaic devices

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Andreas Muench

Reader in Applied Mathematics

Solar: Modelling of production of organic solar cells from polymer solutions
Storage: Modelling of fabrication process for nano-structured materials for batteries

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Robin Nicholas

Professor of Physics

Solar: Use of carbon nanohybrids, graphene and carbon nanotubes in organic and thin film PV. Development of ThermoPhotoVoltaics, TPV

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Peter Norreys

Professor of Inertial Fusion Science

Nuclear: inertial confinement fusion, ultra-high density fusion fuel assembly, hot spot formation, coherent X-ray source development, particle acceleration using intense lasers, fast electron energy transport and deposition

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Dermot O’Hare

Professor of Chemistry and Senior Tutor in Chemistry, Vice Master Academic Balliol College

Fossil Fuels: catalysis, CO2 hydrogenation to fuels
Bioenergy: biomass conversion
Solar: catalytic water splitting

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Michael A. Osborne

Dyson Associate Professor in Machine Learning

Electricity Networks: Smart Electricity Tariffs and Load Shifting
Storage: Machine Learning Approaches to Battery Management
Solar: Solar Photo-voltaic Prediction

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Mauro Pasta

Associate Professor and Tutorial Fellow of Materials at St Edmund Hall

Storage and Transport

Materials chemistry and electrochemistry applied to energy storage and conversion devices. In particular:

  • Energy storage: Li and Na-ion batteries, ultracapacitors, supercapacitors.
  • Energy conversion: power from salinity gradients (blue energy), seawater desalination and delithiation.
  • Electrocatalysis: organic molecules electroxidation, ORR and HER reactions, carbon dioxide sequestration and electroreduction.

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Simon Pirani

Senior Research Fellow on the Natural Gas Programme

Economics, Policy & Politics: The Former Soviet Union, its economies and energy policies
Fossil Fuels: Natural gas
Demand and Efficiency: The history of fossil fuels consumption

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Ingmar Posner

Associate Professor in Engineering Science

Transport: Machine learning methods for intelligent, user-centric energy management of EVs as well as autonomous systems in general
Demand & Efficiency: Machine learning methods for intelligent, user-centric energy management and modelling of energy consumption

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Rahmat Poudineh

Lead Research Fellow

Economics, policy, politics, law and regulation: Electricity market, contracts, renewable policy, energy sector reform and market liberalisation
Electricity networks: Regulation of electricity networks, quantitative analysis of investment and efficiency, regulatory model for grid investment, business model of network companies
Demand and Efficiency: Demand side flexibility, demand response

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Thomas Povey

Professor of Engineering Science and Tacchi Fellow in Engineering Science

Fossil Fuels: gas turbines, steam turbines, power generation
Nuclear: reactor cooling
Energy in Developing Countries: efficient stoves, efficient cooking equipment
Transport: jet engines, rocket engines

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Catherine Redgwell

Chichele Professor of Public International Law

Economics, Policy & Politics: Climate justice; shared responsibility; energy security
Fossil fuels: International regulation, CCS
Marine: International regulation of offshore energy activities
Transport: International regulation of pipelines & ships
Nuclear: International regulation of nuclear safety and liability

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John Rhys

Senior research fellow

Economics, Policy & Politics: Climate and energy policy issues, the role of governments and markets, the social cost of CO2 emissions, electricity market reform, ‘Fit for purpose’ markets with low carbon technologies, institutional and market structures
Energy in Developing Countries: institutional and regulatory reforms; cost and tariff issues
Electricity Networks: redefining utility business models; balancing generation and consumer loads in a  low carbon world

john.rhys@ouce.ox .ac.uk
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Laura Rival

Associate Professor of Anthropology and Development

Energy in Developing Countries: Development and environmental policies in Latin America. Indigenous peoples, infrastructure development, urbanization and megaprojects in the Amazon basin.

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Stephen Roberts

Professor of Machine Learning

Electricity Networks: Smart grids, distributed control, appliance disaggregation, energy usage profiling and prediction.

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David Robinson

Senior Research Fellow

Economics, Policy & Politics: Microeconomics, market design, regulation, privatisation, global energy and climate change governance
Electricity Networks: Decarbonisation, smart grids, markets, network regulation
Energy in Developing Countries: Market design, renewable deployment, climate change policy and geopolitical relations
Demand and Efficiency: Demand-side response in decarbonised electricity systems
Solar: Distributed generation in developed and developing countries

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Alex Rogers

Professor in Conservation Biology

Contact Person Ecological impacts
Marine: Deep-sea ecology and human impacts on the oceans.
Economics, Policy & Politics: Ocean governance, fisheries, and marine mining

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Alex Rogers


Demand and Efficiency:

  • building energy
  • thermal modelling
  • energy feedback
  • non-intrusive load monitoring and energy disaggregation
  • smart grid
  • demand-side management
  • optimisation and prediction of energy use and generation

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Dan Rogers


Electricity Networks: Power electronic systems for smart girds; high-voltage direct current transmission systems and converters.

Storage and Transport: Grid interfaces for large-scale energy storage systems, battery management systems

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Ronald A. Roy

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Areas: physical acoustics, power ultrasonics, cavitation, inertial fusion

Bioenergy: Microbiological energy conversion

Nuclear: ICF

Transport: Thermoacoustics, power ultrasonics

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Anne L Ryan

Oxford Energy Co-ordinator

My background is in social sciences where after initially studying with the Open University, I stepped over to take a Law degree at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.  After specialising in Planning and Environmental Law I was employed by the Environmental Law Foundation, London to work on sustainability issues creating, designing and delivering stakeholder dialogues, workshops and seminars with local communities across the UK. From there I became a member of the Planning Inspectorates’ Programme Officer Group and worked on Local Plan Examinations in East Anglia.  More recently I have worked in academic and research administration in both Cambridge and Oxford Universities. I have been working in the Environmental Change Institute for the last 6 years, where I have provided administrative support to Climate Research and Lower Carbon Futures research. I am a great lover of the music arts which inspired me to found an arts music review website in Cambridge which I directed for five years, and where I was also an active member of the Cambridge Network.


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Kim Schumacher

Sustainable Finance Programme at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

Economics, Policy & Politics:  Climate Change Law and Policy, Sustainable Energy Transition, Clean Energy Technology Development and Environmental Regulatory Procedures.



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Tim Schwanen

Professor in Transport Studies and Human Geography and Director of the Transport Studies Unit

Contact Person Transport 
Transport: Behaviour change, sociotechnical transition, and innovation in the field of transport.

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Anupama Sen

Senior Research Fellow & Executive Director, Electricity Programme

Economics, Policy & Politics: Auctions, pricing, taxation, fiscal regimes, regulation, resource allocation for oil, natural gas and electricity
Energy in Developing Countries: Electricity sector reforms in India
Electricity Networks
Fossil Fuels

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Ricardo Soares de Oliveira

Associate Professor of African Politics

Economics, Policy & Politics: Energy security, national oil companies, governance of energy markets, transparency
Energy in Developing Countries Extractive industries in Africa, Asian hydrocarbons investment in the developing world, politics of major energy importers.

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Jonathan Stern

Chairman and Senior Research Fellow of the Natural Gas Programme

Economics, Policy & Politics: Gas pricing, utility regulation
Energy in Developing Countries: Asia
Fossil Fuels: Gas pricing
Demand and Efficiency

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Richard Stone

Professor in Engineering Science

Fossil Fuels: Spark ignition engine combustion, particulate matter emissions, laminar burning velocity measurements
Demand and Efficiency: Spark ignition engine efficiency, oil-free refrigeration systems, Stirling engines
Bioenergy: Use of ethanol
Solar: Solar concentrators

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Dr Susann Stritzke

Research Associate Renewable Energy

Energy in Developing Countries: solar PV; Renewable energy business models and business development; deployment of utility scale solar PV projects; demand vs. supply

Economics, Policy & Politics: politics of infrastructure investments; energy policymaking and governance; energy auctions; investment models

Solar: on- and off-grid solar PV in Sub-Saharan Africa; risk factors of solar PV projects; solar energy Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in developing countries

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James Taylor

Professor in Decision Science

Marine: Wind power forecasting
Demand and Efficiency: Electricity demand forecasting, weather ensemble predictions
Electricity Networks: Electricity demand and price forecasting, and forecasting for smart grids.

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Ian Thompson

Professor of Engineering Science

Bioenergy:Biogas, Microbiological conversion of green waste to methane
Energy in Developing Countries: Anaerobic Digestion grid systems

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Edman Tsang

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Fossil Fuels: Green Fuels Catalysis
Bioenergy: Catalytic Biomass Conversion
Transport: Fuel Cells Catalysts and Hydrogen
Solar: Solar fuels, Photocatalysis
Energy in Developing Countries: Biofuels from oils, sugars, vegetation

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Rick van der Ploeg

Professor of Economics

Economics, Policy & Politics: Climate policies, optimal transitions to a carbon-free era, climate catastrophes
Energy in Developing Countries: Managing oil and other resource windfalls, sovereign wealth funds, and investing to invest.

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Marc Ventresca

University Lecturer in Strategic Management

Economics, Policy & Politics: Ecosystem services markets in Amazon Peru
Energy in Developing Countries: Off grid electric systems in Africa

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Kylie Vincent

Associate Professor in Inorganic Chemistry

Bioenergy: Biocatalysis of hydrogen oxidation/production; biocatalytic hydrogenation/dehydrogenation reactions; in situ studies of electrocatalysis by supported nanoparticles

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David Wallom

Associate Professor & Associate Director - Innovation

Electricity Networks: Distribution Network operational enhancement
Demand and Efficiency: Demand Management, consumer energy utilisation, ICT system efficiency

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Jamie Warner

Professor of Materials

Solar: novel transparent electrodes from graphene, boron nitride and metal sulphides, atomic level material characterisation
Demand and Efficiency: nano-materials for light emitting displays, materials and processes for improved device performance
Storage: electrode materials for batteries and fuel-cells

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Andrew Watt

RCUK Academic Fellow

Contact Person Solar
Solar: Colloial quantum dot, chalcogenides, metal oxides, organic, solution processing, vaccum deposition, transparent conductors, thin film deposition, nanoparticle synthesis

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Angus Wilkinson

Professor of Materials

Nuclear: Materials for fusion and fission power, microstructural characterisation, mechanical properties
Transport: Aerospace materials characterisation and mechanical properties
Solar: CIGS microstructural characterisation

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Richard Willden

Associate Professor

Contact Person Marine
Marine: Tidal energy devices, farm planning and yield analysis, basin modelling
Fossil Fuels: Offshore engineering and deep water risers

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Kathy Willis

Tasso Leventis Professor of Biodiversity

Policy & Politics: Naturetrade for ecosystem services transactions in Europe
Fossil Fuels: Local Ecological Footprinting Tool LEFT for minimising biodiversity impacts of extractive industries
Energy in Developing Countries: Biofuels and poverty alleviation
Bioenergy: Biofuels and poverty alleviation

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Katja Yafimava

Senior Research Fellow

Economics: EU gas regulation, Russian gas regulation
Policy and Politics: The transit dimension of EU gas security, Russia-western CIS gas relations
Fossil Fuels: Russian and western CIS gas issues
Transport: Gas transportation by pipeline

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Aidong Yang

Associate Professor

Bioenergy: biorefineries and biomass supply chains; utilisation of microalgae
Demand and Efficiency: micro-CHP systems
Fossil fuels: chemical looping processes

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