Oxford engages with a large number of industrial partners as well as governments, NGOs and academics. Collaborations include joint research projects and consultancy. Research in Oxford has spun-out a number of energy related companies, and intellectual property that is being exploited commercially under numerous license agreements.

Research collaborations

Oxford collaborates with small and large energy companies, and governments, government agencies and NGOs around the world. Major industrial collaborators include BBOXX, Bosch, BP, British Gas, DONG Energy, ETRI, EDF, Emirates, E.ON, Jaguar Land Rover, Johnson Matthey, KETEP, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, National Grid, National Rail, Nissan, Rolls-Royce, Samsung, Schlumberger, Shell, Siemens, SSE, Statoil, and UK Power Networks.

For enquires related to industrial collaboration contact Andy Gilchrist, Business Development Manager for Industry.


Oxford University Consulting provides advice and expertise to many companies in the energy sector, on topics including storage systems, electric vehicles, smart meters, tidal energy, nano technology and power conversion.

Contact Gurinder Punn for enquiries concerning possible consultancy with Oxford researchers.

Licensed Technologies

Licensing of intellectual property generated by Oxford researchers is managed by Oxford University Innovation. Agreements in place cover technologies that range from water purification, through methanol production and hydrogen production to solar concentration.

For more information email

Spin-out companies

Oxford University Innovation has set up 70 new companies since 2000, collectively raising £400m of investment finance. Some examples related to energy are shown below.


A  cleantech startup with a revolutionary new way to store energy using lithium ion battery cells.

Mixergy Our ambition is to develop domestic energy storage capacity and facilitate its operation within the existing power distribution infrastructure.

Initial products are a novel high thermal performance domestic hot water tank (reduced tank size, reduced energy costs and improved water quality) and advanced controls that allow remote monitoring/switching and so could access Grid stabilisation markets

Oxford Flow Oxford Flow’s industrial pressure regulators use innovative technology to provide new levels of performance for natural gas transmission, water distribution and process industries.

Smaller and lighter than competing products, Oxford Flow’s gas and fluid pressure regulators can significantly reduce installation costs. Along with improved performance and accuracy, the patented designs have just one moving part; increasing reliability and service life.


Bodle Using phase change materials for smart glazing and displays. From the Department of Materials

Oxbotica A spin-out from Oxford University’s internationally acclaimed Mobile Robotics Group.  Oxbotica’s portfolio of technology solutions enable mobile autonomy in a wide variety of deployments.   The technology underpins the Oxford RobotCar — the UK’s first autonomous car approved for public trials — and lies at the heart of the LUTZ project, bringing autonomous pods to the pavements of Milton Keynes.

Our autonomy know-how (literally) drives the majority of the winning bids of the UK’s Driverless Car Challenge and we are deploying the autonomy system in eight shuttle vehicles in Greenwich, London.

Designer Carbon Materials Designer Carbon Materials Ltd is developing advanced nanomaterials for a range of applications, including energy harvesting, bio-sensing and quantum nanoelectronics.

Pilio Cutting-edge energy analytics and innovation to those concerned with energy management in practice.  The software solutions were developed from research at the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute.

Pilio is part of the Oxford University Innovation Software Incubator and was awarded Climate-KIC funding in 2012.

Cella Advanced materials and technologies in safe, lightweight, high performance hydrogen storage technology

Spun out in 2011

Oxford PV Oxford PV are developing new photovoltaic cells that will provide a sustainable solar energy source and includes the very promising perovskite based photovoltaic cells that were pioneered in Oxford

Spun out in 2010

Kepler Energy Kepler Energy Limited develops a second-generation tidal turbine, which has the potential to harness tidal energy more efficiently and cheaply, using a device which is simpler, more robust and more scalable than current designs.

Spun out in 2010

Yasa YASA Motors manufactures a highly differentiated advanced axial flux motor and generator based on its proprietary Yokeless And Segmented Armature (YASA™) technology.

Spun out in 2009

Velocys Velocys produces speciality catalysts for the generation of clean fuels, from both conventional fossil fuels and renewable sources such as biomass.

Spun out in 2005

Salunda Robust, networked sensors for oilfield machinery, drilling and metering.

Spun out in 2005

NavetasSmall Navetas (formerly Intelligent Sustainable Energy) is a spin out formed between Navetas Energy Management and Oxford University. It markets revolutionary technologies developed in Engineering that will help people reduce and manage their energy consumption by monitoring which appliances are consuming electricity in real-time and over time. See also Demand & Efficiency.