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Bill David

Professor of Chemistry

Storage: Hydrogen and ammonia storage with a particular emphasis on lightweight, reversible systems. Modelling ionic diffusion in hydrogen storage systems, batteries and fuel-cell electrodes.
Transport: Hydrogen provision for fuel-cell electric vehicles
Electricity Networks: Chemical storage based on hydrogen

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Ben Davis

Professor in Organic Chemistry

Storage: Synthetic photoproteins, enzymes for shuttle manipulation, use of formic acid as a shuttle.

Martin Davy

Associate Professor

Fossil Fuels: Spark ignition engine combustion, low temperature diesel combustion, natural gas engine combustion, fuel sprays
Demand and Efficiency: Internal combustion engine efficiency
Bioenergy: Alcohol blended fuels, use of syngas in engines.

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Stephen Duncan

Associate Professor of Engineering Science

Storage: Battery management systems
Electricity Networks:  Battery management systems, monitoring stress on the grid

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Peter Edwards

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Solar: Transparent conducting coatings for solar cells; solar chemical fuels from CO2
Fossil Fuels: Sustainability in the modern petrochemical industry
Bioenergy: Algae jet biofuel
Storage: Hydrogen and ammonia storage materials

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Nick Eyre

Professor of Energy and Climate Policy

Chair, Energy Research Network Steering Group, Oxford Energy

Economics, Policy & Politics: Energy efficiency and demand reduction policy, multi-scalar governance, market based instruments, carbon markets, UK energy policy, community and local projects

Electricity Networks: Energy efficiency obligations and feed-in tariffs, demand response and reduction in capacity markets;

Demand and Efficiency: Energy demand in all sectors, socio-technical approaches; policy interventions.


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Chris Farmer

Research Fellow

Fossil Fuels: Geological modelling, oil reservoir simulation, geostatistics, history matching, and seismic inversion.

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J. Doyne Farmer

Baillie Gifford Professor of Mathematics

Economics: Discounting, forecasting technology improvement
Fossil fuels: Historical costs of coal-fired electricity
Nuclear: Pros and cons
Solar: Cost forecasts

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Stephen Faulkner

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Nuclear: Chemistry of the fuel cycle elements, development of spectroscopic techniques for remote monitoring of speciation and for environmental analysis/remediation and study of minor actinide separation.

Chemistry: Informing scientific strategies and underpinning clean and green sustainable technologies that improve our environment and mitigate climate change.

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Tina Fawcett

Senior Researcher and Acting Leader, Energy Programme and Senior Researcher

Economics, Policy & Politics: UK & EU, energy demand, personal carbon trading, equity, fuel poverty
Demand and Efficiency: Households, non-domestic sectors, technology, behaviour

Contact person | Demand and Efficiency
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Bent Flyvbjerg

BT Professor and Chair of Major Programme Management

Economics, Policy & Politics: Research on energy megaprojects, risk management, biases and strategic misrepresenation in decision-making on large-scale energy capital investment projects.

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John Foord

Professor of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Storage: Hydrogen for fuel cells, electrolytic water splitting, supercapacitors

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Jörg Friedrichs

Associate Professor of Politics

Fossil Fuels: A long-term perspective on the climate-energy nexus
Economics, Policy & Politics: Fuel-rich economies

Rachel Carson Environment Book Award

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Feliciano Giustino

Professor of Materials

Solar: Materials modelling from first-principles, high-performance computing, electronic structure theory