There are about 200 senior researchers in Oxford Energy.  These are listed below and can be filtered using the search bar above. You can also find the relevant contact person for a research theme by using the checkbox and selecting update.

Profile picture in black and white of Paul Collier

Paul Collier

Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Economics, Policy & Politics: Management of oil and gas discoveries; economics of green energy
Earth Resources: Closing coal

Profile picture in black and white of Julie Cosmidis

Julie Cosmidis

Associate Professor of Geobiology

Storage and Vectors: microbial composites for energy storage (Li-S battery materials)

Profile picture in black and white of Mike Daly

Mike Daly

Visiting Professor

Earth Resources: the global oil and gas endowment; the future of petroleum exploration; continental sedimentary basin development and resource distribution; exploration of the arctic seas.
Emerging Economies: Sub-Saharan Africa resources; the energy-water nexus.
Economics, Policy & Politics: State owned National Oil Companies, their resources and future.

Profile picture in black and white of Sarah Darby

Sarah Darby

Senior Researcher, Energy Group, Environmental Change Institute

Economics-Policy & Politics: Customer-utility relations, fuel poverty
Energy Networks: Smart meter rollout
Demand and Efficiency: Residential demand, energy advice programmes, consumption feedback, and social learning

Profile picture in black and white of Richard Darton

Richard Darton

Emeritus Professor of Engineering Science

Transport: Car fleet sustainability, health effects of pollution
Economics, Policy & Politics: Defining and measuring energy security
Emerging Economies: Nigerian energy economy
Demand and Efficiency: Heat exchanger networks and pinch analysis
Earth Resources: Negative emissions technologies; assessment of geoengineering schemes

Profile picture in black and white of Bill David

Bill David

Professor of Chemistry

Storage and Vectors: Hydrogen and ammonia storage with a particular emphasis on lightweight, reversible systems. Modelling ionic diffusion in hydrogen storage systems, batteries and fuel-cell electrodes.
Transport: Hydrogen provision for fuel-cell electric vehicles
Energy Networks: Chemical storage based on hydrogen

Profile picture in black and white of Ben Davis

Ben Davis

Professor in Organic Chemistry

Storage and Vectors: Synthetic photoproteins, enzymes for shuttle manipulation, use of formic acid as a shuttle.

Profile picture in black and white of Martin Davy

Martin Davy

Associate Professor

Earth Resources: Spark ignition engine combustion, low temperature diesel combustion, natural gas engine combustion, fuel sprays
Demand and Efficiency: Internal combustion engine efficiency
Bioenergy: Alcohol blended fuels, use of syngas in engines.

Profile picture in black and white of Stephen Duncan

Stephen Duncan

Associate Professor of Engineering Science

Storage and Vectors: Battery management systems
Energy Networks:  Battery management systems, monitoring stress on the grid

Profile picture in black and white of Daniel Eakins

Daniel Eakins

Associate Professor of Engineering Science

Wind and Marine: Shock physics and hydrodynamics

Solar: Granular and heterogeneous materials

Nuclear: Ultrafast X-ray probing of extreme states

Daniel researches the ultrafast behaviour of materials under extreme loading conditions, including impact mechanics, dynamic strength, incipient plasticity, failure, Ultrafast X-ray probing of extreme states, hexagonal materials, shock-induced chemistry, and shock-energy dissipation and management.



Profile picture in black and white of Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Solar: Transparent conducting coatings for solar cells; solar chemical fuels from CO2
Earth Resources: Sustainability in the modern petrochemical industry
Bioenergy: Algae jet biofuel
Storage and Vectors: Hydrogen and ammonia storage materials

Profile picture in black and white of Luca Enriques

Luca Enriques

Professor of Corporate Law

Law and Policy: Corporate Governance and Climate Change, Financial Regulation and Sustainability, Environmental Gatekeepers

Profile picture in black and white of Nick Eyre

Nick Eyre

Professor of Energy and Climate Policy

Chair, Energy Research Network Steering Group, Oxford Energy

Economics, Policy & Politics: Energy efficiency and demand reduction policy, multi-scalar governance, market based instruments, carbon markets, UK energy policy, community and local projects

Energy Networks: Energy efficiency obligations and feed-in tariffs, demand response and reduction in capacity markets;

Demand and Efficiency: Energy demand in all sectors, socio-technical approaches; policy interventions.


Profile picture in black and white of Chris Farmer

Chris Farmer

Research Fellow

Earth Resources: Geological modelling, oil reservoir simulation, geostatistics, history matching, and seismic inversion.