Profile picture in black and white of Christian Brand

Christian Brand

Senior Research Fellow in Transport

Transport: Strategic transport-energy-environment modelling, Carbon and health; transport and mobility;
Demand and Efficiency: scenarios; integrated assessment of transport, and transport energy demand policy.

Profile picture in black and white of Chris Breward

Chris Breward

Co-Director, EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling

Fossil Fuels: Enhanced Oil Recovery; cavitation in fuels and lubricants
Solar: Operation of dye-sensitised cells; fabrication of polymer blended cells; contact resistance in silicon cells

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Susan Bright

Professor of Land Law

Economics, Policy and Politics: regulation of the built environment
Demand & Efficiency: multi-occupied property (residential and commercial)

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John Broome

Emeritus White's Professor of Moral Philosophy

Economics, Policy & Politics: The ethics of climate change.

Profile picture in black and white of Peter Bruce

Peter Bruce

Wolfson Chair, Professor of Materials

Storage: Batteries, including new electrode and electrolyte materials, interfaces, mechanisms
Transport: Batteries
Electricity Networks: Storage

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Victor Burlakov

PhD, Doctor of Phys. and Math. Sciences - Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Solar: Theoretical analysis of the morphology and operation of photovoltaic materials.

Profile picture in black and white of Kevin Burrage

Kevin Burrage

Professor in Computational Systems Biology Visiting Professor

Fossil Fuels: Coal seam gas modelling
Electricity Networks: Pricing

Profile picture in black and white of Byron Byrne

Byron Byrne

Professor of Engineering Science

Marine: Offshore wind, tidal energy, offshore foundation design, offshore geotechnics
Fossil Fuels: Offshore foundations, offshore pipelines, and geotechnical engineering

Profile picture in black and white of Ben Caldecott

Ben Caldecott

Director, Sustainable Finance Programme, Smith School

Economics, policy, politics: sustainable finance, green finance, responsible investment, stranded assets, energy policy, climate policy, climate finance, environmental risk
Fossil fuels:  coal, oil, gas, power sector
Developing countries: sustainability, China, institutional investors
Profile picture in black and white of Joe Cartwright

Joe Cartwright

Professor of Earth Sciences

Fossil Fuels: Hydrocarbon exploration through geological analysis of 3D seismic data; unconventional hydrocarbons and the role of natural fractures in shale gas production; fluid migration in sedimentary basins; and the development of geological faults and fractures.

Profile picture in black and white of Roger Cashmore

Roger Cashmore

Emeritus Professor and former Chair of United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

Economics, Policy & Politics: Role of Nuclear in Energy Policy, Political Issues
Nuclear: Fusion, Fission reactors, Fuel Cycle, Regulation

Profile picture in black and white of S. Jon Chapman

S. Jon Chapman

Professor of Mathematics and its Applications

Storage: lithium batteries
Solar: operation and manufacture

Profile picture in black and white of Elizabeth Chatterjee

Elizabeth Chatterjee

Examination Fellow

Economics, Policy & Politics: decision-making in the Indian power sector
Energy in Developing Countries: political economy of Indian electricity
Electricity Networks: liberalization in developing countries

Profile picture in black and white of Simon Clarke

Simon Clarke

Professor of Chemistry Head of Inorganic Chemistry

Storage: New battery materials, new superconductors and new thermoelectrics
Demand and Efficiency

Profile picture in black and white of Paul Collier

Paul Collier

Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Economics, Policy & Politics: Management of oil and gas discoveries; economics of green energy
Fossil fuels: Closing coal

Profile picture in black and white of Mike Daly

Mike Daly

Visiting Professor

Fossil fuels: the global oil and gas endowment; the future of petroleum exploration; continental sedimentary basin development and resource distribution; exploration of the arctic seas.
Energy in developing countries: Sub-Saharan Africa resources; the energy-water nexus.
Economics, Policy & Politics: State owned National Oil Companies, their resources and future.

Profile picture in black and white of Sarah Darby

Sarah Darby

Senior Researcher, Energy Group, Environmental Change Institute

Economics-Policy & Politics: Customer-utility relations, fuel poverty
Electricity Networks: Smart meter rollout
Demand and Efficiency: Residential demand, energy advice programmes, consumption feedback, and social learning

Profile picture in black and white of Richard Darton

Richard Darton

Emeritus Professor of Engineering Science

Transport: Car fleet sustainability, health effects of pollution
Economics, Policy & Politics: Defining and measuring energy security
Energy in Developing Countries: Nigerian energy economy
Demand and Efficiency: Heat exchanger networks and pinch analysis
Fossil Fuels: Negative emissions technologies; assessment of geoengineering schemes