There are about 200 senior researchers in Oxford Energy.  These are listed below and can be filtered using the search bar above. You can also find the relevant contact person for a research theme by using the checkbox and selecting update.

Profile picture in black and white of Angus Wilkinson

Angus Wilkinson

Professor of Materials

Nuclear: Materials for fusion and fission power, microstructural characterisation, mechanical properties
Transport: Aerospace materials characterisation and mechanical properties
Solar: CIGS microstructural characterisation

Profile picture in black and white of Richard Willden

Richard Willden

Professor of Engineering Science EPSRC Fellow

Wind and Marine: Tidal energy devices, farm planning and yield analysis, basin modelling
Earth Resources: Offshore engineering and deep water risers

Profile picture in black and white of Kathy Willis

Kathy Willis

Tasso Leventis Professor of Biodiversity

Policy & Politics: Naturetrade for ecosystem services transactions in Europe
Earth Resources: Local Ecological Footprinting Tool LEFT for minimising biodiversity impacts of extractive industries
Emerging Economies: Biofuels and poverty alleviation
Bioenergy: Biofuels and poverty alleviation

Profile picture in black and white of Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson

Professor of Energy and Climate Change

Demand and Efficiency: energy services, innovative business models, energy demand transformation, human wellbeing

Economics, Policy and Politics: global mitigation scenarios, integrated assessment modelling, policy effectiveness, social tipping points

Energy Networks: smart technologies, local energy systems, integrating renewables, small-scale technologies


Profile picture in black and white of Aidong Yang

Aidong Yang

Associate Professor of Engineering Science

Bioenergy: biorefineries and biomass supply chains; utilisation of microalgae

Demand and Efficiency: Renewable energy driven chemical processes, green hydrogen based steel production