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Kylie Vincent

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Bioenergy: Biocatalysis of hydrogen oxidation/production; biocatalytic hydrogenation/dehydrogenation reactions; in situ studies of electrocatalysis by supported nanoparticles

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David Wallom

Associate Professor & Associate Director - Innovation

Electricity Networks: Distribution Network operational enhancement
Demand and Efficiency: Demand Management, consumer energy utilisation, ICT system efficiency

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Jamie Warner

Professor of Materials - Academic Visitor

Solar: novel transparent electrodes from graphene, boron nitride and metal sulphides, atomic level material characterisation
Demand and Efficiency: nano-materials for light emitting displays, materials and processes for improved device performance
Storage: electrode materials for batteries and fuel-cells

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Andrew Watt

Associate Professor of Materials

Solar: Colloial quantum dot, chalcogenides, metal oxides, organic, solution processing, vaccum deposition, transparent conductors, thin film deposition, nanoparticle synthesis

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Robert Weatherup

Associate Professor of Materials

Storage: electrochemical energy storage; heterogeneous catalysis; materials synthesis

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Angus Wilkinson

Professor of Materials

Nuclear: Materials for fusion and fission power, microstructural characterisation, mechanical properties
Transport: Aerospace materials characterisation and mechanical properties
Solar: CIGS microstructural characterisation

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Richard Willden

Professor of Engineering Science EPSRC Fellow

Marine: Tidal energy devices, farm planning and yield analysis, basin modelling
Fossil Fuels: Offshore engineering and deep water risers

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Kathy Willis

Tasso Leventis Professor of Biodiversity

Policy & Politics: Naturetrade for ecosystem services transactions in Europe
Fossil Fuels: Local Ecological Footprinting Tool LEFT for minimising biodiversity impacts of extractive industries
Energy in Developing Countries: Biofuels and poverty alleviation
Bioenergy: Biofuels and poverty alleviation

Profile picture in black and white of Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson

Professor of Energy and Climate Change

Demand and Efficiency: energy services, innovative business models, energy demand transformation, human wellbeing

Economics, Policy and Politics: global mitigation scenarios, integrated assessment modelling, policy effectiveness, social tipping points

Electricity Networks: smart technologies, local energy systems, integrating renewables, small-scale technologies


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Aidong Yang

Associate Professor of Engineering Science

Bioenergy: biorefineries and biomass supply chains; utilisation of microalgae
Demand and Efficiency: micro-CHP systems
Fossil fuels: chemical looping processes