Workshop on Energy System Flexibility

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INESC Coimbra’s (Portugal) statutory mission is to perform scientific research, technological development, and knowledge integration and transfer, based on several disciplines of Engineering and Management Science / Operations Research, aiming at contributing to a better performance of businesses and institutions and to the progress of knowledge, within an engineering systems approach, by creatively combining theory and methodology, technical issues and human factors to tackle complex problems.

Flexibility refers to the ability to use generation, storage and demand side resources making the most of computational intelligence distributed along the grid for balancing energy supply and demand. Increasing the energy system flexibility is key to ensure the reliable integration of larger shares of renewable generation and empower consumers, while securing the grid stability. Despite the progress being made, several regulatory, technological, operational and market challenges are still at stake, including the citizens and communities’ engagement. This online workshop aims to bring together stakeholders to discuss present and future challenges, experiences, and best practices to foster more effective and efficient solutions for the flexibility of the Portuguese energy system.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022. 2pm (Lisbon time) Register here

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