Transitioning to a net zero energy system: smart systems and flexibility plan 2021

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Project LEO – Local Energy Oxfordshire – is running trials in Oxfordshire to build a broad range of reliable evidence of the technological, market and social conditions needed for a greener, more flexible, and fair electricity system

Last month (July) the government published its plan on how we will transition to a smart, flexible, and decarbonised energy system.

Project LEO welcomes the publication as it focuses on how we can deliver a zero carbon future with a smart flexible energy system. One that understands the importance of local delivery and includes people and communities.

The report acknowledges the importance of flexibility in helping us achieve the deep decarbonisation we need to protect our planet as well as delaying or even avoiding costly network upgrades.

It highlights the important role individuals will play in the new emerging energy system. There will be more opportunities for people to get involved, for example, by signing up to new energy tariffs and using smart appliances in our homes to save money by using electricity when it’s cheaper to do so.

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