The final blog: Insights, impact and next steps following five years of CREDS

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Professor Nick Eyre reflects on the outputs and insights from the last five years, the people they have and haven’t persuaded to take action, and what’s next for those involved with CREDS.

What has CREDS done?
As you would expect from a large research centre, CREDS has written a lot and talked to a lot of people. At the last count they have nearly 500 publications, of which about 300 are peer reviewed articles. And, despite the disruption of the pandemic, they have undertaken more than 1,200 engagement activities.

Summarising such a diverse body of work is difficult, but, through a team effort, they have tried to do just that. Each of CREDS nine themes has developed a summary, and the overall findings are in 15 one-page topic summaries, each of which provides links to the underlying evidence base.

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