OE Seminar Recording: week 4: How will ending poverty impact climate change? A well-being centred approach to energy transitions

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Narasimha D. Rao is Associate Professor of Energy Systems, (Yale)

This is the first public lecture in the Oxford Department of International Development’s seminar series (Queen Elizabeth House) on Climate Change and the Challenges of Development, held in collaboration with the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development (Somerville College) and the Oxford Energy Network (Environmental Change Institute) that took place at the Oxford Martin School, Board Street, Oxford.

Narasimha D. Rao is Associate Professor of Energy Systems, (Yale) delivered a talk on Monday, 16 May at 5pm at the Oxford Martin School.

Context: Although distributive justice is at the core of the climate challenge, energy transitions research is largely focused on aggregate techno-economic outcomes. How can we re-frame climate mitigation research to incorporate well-being outcomes and preserve development opportunities for those in poverty around the world?


Access the slides and listen to the full recording here.

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