PODCAST: Emissions: Impossible? How to cut shipping emissions before they hit 10%

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UK Research and Innovation brings you hope for the planet in a series of podcasts presented by journalist Kim McAllister.

In this episode Kim McAllister is joined by Claire Spooner from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to talk about our reliance on shipping, how it impacts climate change and what can be done to reduce its effect.

Claire’s portfolio includes the research domain on the decarbonisation of transport – including sustainable fuels for planes, electric vehicle battery development and other energy efficient modes of transport.

Dr Tristan Smith is the Principal Investigator for the Decarbonising the UK’s Freight Transport – Decarbonising UK Freight Transport. He is also a general expert on freight.

Professor Alice Larkin | The University of Manchester is a Professor of Climate Science and Energy Policy and was funded by EPSRC on The High Seas Project: Assessing the technical and operational scope for rapid carbon emission reduction from global shipping.

You can read more about UKRI’s climate-related research here.

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