OIES named top ‘Energy and Resource Think Tank’ in the world (again)

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies has for the second year running been named the top Energy and Resource Think Tank in the world by the University of Pennsylvania’s annual think tank report.

Top Energy and Resource Policy Think Tanks

  1.  Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) (United Kingdom)
  2.  World Resource Institute (WRI) (United States)
  3.  Institute of Energy Economics (IEEJ) (Japan)
  4. James A Baker III Institute for Public Policy (United States)
  5. RAND Corporation (United States)
  6. Center for Science of Environment, Resources, and Energy (Japan)
  7. TERI: The Energy and Resources Institute (India)
  8. Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR) (United States)
  9. Resources for the Future (RFF) (United States)
  10. Energy Studies Institute (ESI) (Singapore)

Read the full Think Tank report

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