OE Seminar Recording- week 7: Gold (natural) hydrogen: Pipeline or pipedream?

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Chris Ballentine, Geochemistry, University of Oxford

Summary:  Gold (natural) hydrogen: Pipeline or pipedream?  – The oldest parts of the continental crust generate between 0.36–2.273×1011 moles H2 per year through water-rock reactions and radiolysis [1]. Over geological timescales, the natural hydrogen generated would supply society’s current oil-equivalent needs with clean energy for well over 100,000 years. Natural (gold) hydrogen is found in many locations globally [1], but until recently has not been the focus of resource exploration.

Access the presentation slides and listen to the full recording here.

Speaker: Chris Ballentine has held the Statutory Professorship of Geochemistry at the University of Oxford since 2013.

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