Rural battery resilience scheme moves to second phase (Scotland)

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The Resilience as a Service – RaaS – innovation project seeks to improve the operational resilience of electricity distribution networks in remote areas.

The SSEN Resilience as a Service (RaaS) project is progressing to a second phase. Intended to deliver cost-effective solution for areas susceptible to power outage, the third-party battery system supports continued islanded operation while faults are cleared. A trial has now been given the go-ahead for the Drynoch primary substation on the Isle of Skye. The battery system demonstration is being developed with Costain and E.ON. It will be able to supply other grid services when not being used to improve security of supply.

The Scheme  – The idea behind the scheme is to use services provided by a third party owned Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) together with local Distributed Energy Resources (DER) to swiftly, automatically, restore power to customers in the event of a fault. Through temporary operation of the local network in islanded mode, RaaS will maintain supply to customers allowing time for the DNO to respond to the issue.

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