Local Energy Systems – Energy and Power Group – University Of Oxford Engineering Science

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The Energy and Power Group's vision is to transform the world's energy arena by making it efficient, clean, accessible and affordable for everyone on the planet. It aims to catalyse planetary-compatible social and economic growth in low-, medium-, and high-income countries, through research in energy systems.

The world is moving towards renewable energy resources. However, in a low-carbon system, sources for power such as solar and wind are both uncertain and intermittent. Local energy systems need to adapt and become flexible to meet consumer demand. Researchers from the Energy and Power Group at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford are looking into smart technologies that can be introduced to our energy systems on the path to meeting net-zero goals.

This is one of a 3-part series from the Energy and Power Group on their latest research in cooling, local energy systems and energy access across the globe.  Watch this here.

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