Grid stability services

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The National Grid is an energy company operating in the UK and US. We deliver electricity and gas safely, reliably and efficiently to the customers and communities we serve – all while working towards a clean energy future.

GC0137 Authority Decision now allows converter-connected technologies to provide virtual synchronous machine capability to the grid. The code – which embraces renewables and interconnectors – has been a decade in formation. Replacing retiring physical inertia from thermal power plant, National Grid ESO had offered five contracts to secure new forms of stability provision. One of these, the first new synchronous condenser for the GB electricity system, has just been commissioned. Quinbrook partnered with Welsh Power in the development of the project from concept stage and with Siemens Energy for the construction of Rassau. This condensor can now provide multiple grid support services: inertia, short circuit power, and reactive power for voltage control.

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