Enterprising Oxford : Dr Assia Kasdi, CEO of Milvus Advanced Ltd

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Enterprising Oxford is a University of Oxford initiative to help connect people to the entrepreneurship resources they need, and to promote entrepreneurship across Oxfordshire.

Dr Assia Kasdi is a Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford who pioneered a nano-material catalyst made of Earth-abundant materials. The material behaves like platinum and acts as a nano-catalyst for hydrogen electrolysis and fuel cells. She has received much guidance from OUI (Oxford University Innovation) who gave her team industry insight. At present they are completing the pitching  stage with approximately £1 m in investment and £600k in a grant from Innovate UK. They have also recently won a spot at the creative destruction lab, a very competitive programme for promising start-ups.

Read more about Assia Kasdi on the Enterprising Oxford website here.


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