MP poll: wrong on public support for onshore wind and don’t understand basic climate science

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A new poll of MPs has found that almost nine out of ten (86%) support the UK’s net zero climate target including 80% of Conservative and 92% of Labour MPs. Only 14% of Conservative and 2% of Labour MPs oppose it.

The polling also showed MPs to be out of touch with their constituents on support for onshore wind. Almost half of MPs (47%) thought their constituents would oppose a new onshore wind farm in their area, including two thirds (68%) of Conservative and 30% of Labour MPs, whereas a parallel survey found that 71% of the public support new onshore wind farms in their local area. Of those who voted Conservative in the 2019 election, 63% said they had a “favourable” view of onshore wind and 68% said they would support new onshore wind in their area.

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