Investigating the investability of local energy businesses

Providing evidence to overcome challenges associated with scaling up local energy systems to stimulate market uptake.

The EnergyREV business and finance research team are investigating the investability of local energy businesses, especially those aiming to integrate heat, power, storage and mobility services and we need your help!

We want to collaborate with a few UK businesses involved in smart and local energy projects to investigate how further investment can be secured. We will investigate governance – who participates in the business, how decisions are made, and what processes are in place to support operations and business development; and finance – to understand sources and uses of finance, particularly the composition of cash flows and their influence on business performance.

The collaboration will involve an introductory meeting, one or two follow up meetings to gather information to help devise a case for investment; and a ‘wrap up’ meeting to discuss the research outcomes how they can be used.

For more information on the research please see the attached 2-page summary of our work or click on the link to EnergyREVs website here.

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