Internet of Things (IoT) in Low Carbon Energy

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This event highlights the Energy Theme projects. Professor Malcolm McCulloch, University of Oxford, will chair  and discuss why IoT is important in a net-zero carbon energy system. With presentations on individual Pitch-In projects by Professors David Howey (Batteries and Big Data), Dan Rogers (IoT micro-grid control) and Dan Gladwin (Data-driven battery degradation study) this an event not to miss if you are interested in IoT in the future energy system and how progress is being made to overcome barriers to adoption.

IoT in Low Carbon Energy

Date:  May 5th

14:00-14:05 – Welcome and introduction – Prof Malcolm McCulloch

14:05-14:20 –The importance of IoT in zero-carbon Energy Systems – Prof Malcolm McCulloch

14:20-14:30 – Theme project portfolio overview – Dr Andy Gilchrist (aims of Pitch-In, barriers to IoT adoption, knowledge exchange   etc. plus mention relevant projects that won’t be covered today)

14:30-15:10 – Project showcase  (Note: 10 mins max including a question or two (do give me a question as a back-up!))

•            Batteries and Big Data (E3) – Prof David Howey

•            NETRIM: Network Restrictions in IoT-based Microgrids (E5 ) -Prof Dan Rogers

•            Data-driven battery degradation study (E10) – Prof Dan Gladwin

•            IoT-based Local Energy Systems Market – Dr Avinash Vijay

15:10-15:25 – Discussion and Q&A session   – Panel –   Chair: Malcolm McCulloch

15:25-15:30 – Theme Summary and Closing remarks– Malcolm McCulloch

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