Homes for Net Zero

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The Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) has linked up with E.ON, University College London, and the University of Oxford, to deliver Homes for Net Zero. This is a government-funded research programme aiming to identify options for homeowners to decarbonise their homes by testing practical solutions.

The programme will use the ESCs’ Living Lab of over 2,500 homes and its supporting digital infrastructure, to recruit and monitor energy use in participating homes. The programme has a particular focus on owner-occupied, solid wall, gas-heated homes, recognising the complexity of decarbonising their heating.

Philipp Grunewald, Senior Researcher, Oxford University, said:

‘We are excited to work with this team of leading experts to develop a scientifically rigorous evidence base for the effectiveness of retrofit measures. Having quantitative real-world data of energy savings is a major advance for the industry and will help us support policies that accelerate decarbonisation and reduce households’ energy costs for years to come.’

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