From climate to energy: physics is key to the world’s most pressing issues

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Photovoltaic solar energy researcher Professor Henry Snaith

A  Special Lecture on Energy and Climate Change hosted by the Department of Atmospheric Physics, Oceanic and Planetary Physics (AOPP).

Speakers: Professor Henry Snaith – Solar Energy researcher, and Professor Myles Allen – Climate Change researcher will discuss how physics is key to the world’s most pressing issues.

Henry Snaith is a physicist working on new materials and devices for photovoltaic solar energy conversion. His multidisciplinary work spans activities from new materials discovery and synthesis, through device optimization to fundamental spectroscopic and theoretical investigations. Henry Snaith discovered that a new type of solar cell material, named perovskites(link is external), can produce extremely efficient solar cells based on earth abundant materials which are also very easy and cheap to manufacture.

Myles Allen first proposed the concept of a global carbon budget: the idea that peak warming is determined by the total amount of carbon dioxide we emit into the atmosphere before emissions are reduced to net zero, not the amount we emit in any given year or the eventual long-term atmospheric concentration.

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