Europe’s most powerful electric vehicle charging hub is coming to Oxford

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The future of Oxford’s Redbridge Park & Ride at Abingdon Road

Oxford’s Redbridge Park & Ride (Abingdon Road) will be home to 38 fast and ultra-rapid electric vehicle (EV) chargers, as part of the Energy Superhub Oxford’s (ESO) vision to cut carbon and improve air quality across the city.

ESO is an innovative infrastructure project looking to decarbonize energy, transport and heat. It will be the UK’s largest public EV charging hub delivering 100% renewable energy to EV drivers day and night.

Unlike any other UK charging hub, the site, at Redbridge Park & Ride, is directly connected to the high voltage national electricity grid, to provide the power needed to charge hundreds of EVs at the same time quickly, without putting strain on the local electricity network or requiring costly upgrades. This innovative network, developed by Pivot Power, has capacity to expand to key locations throughout Oxford to meet mass EV charging needs, from buses and taxis to commercial fleets.

UK-based Pivot Power, part of EDF Renewables, and Oxford City Council, have joined up with Fastned, the European electric vehicle (EV) fast charging company, Tesla Superchargers and Wenea, one of the largest EV charging services providers in Europe, to deliver Europe’s most powerful EV charging Superhub in Oxford.

Read more about this by visiting the Energy Superhub, Oxford


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