ESO calls for £58bn investment in UK electricity grid

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Credit: Nikola Johnny Mirkovic (Unsplash)

The Electricity System Operator (ESO) has released a new report calling for a £58 billion overhaul to the UK grid to meet the country’s ‘growing and decarbonising demand’ for electricity by 2035.

The Beyond 2030 report builds on top of the Holistic Network Design and makes a set of network recommendations throughout the 2030s. It proposes a set of offshore and onshore network upgrades which total an additional £58 billion of direct investment in their electricity networks and facilitates the connection of an extra 21GW of offshore wind as well as a breadth of other low carbon generation across Britain.

This transitional plan is a stepping-stone before they develop the fully Centralised Strategic Network Plan which will be published in 2026.

Read the report here.

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