Discussion paper: Mission Innovation – Clean Hydrogen

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Mission Innovation is a global initiative to catalyze action and investment in research, development and demonstration to make clean energy affordable, attractive and accessible to all this decade. This will accelerate progress towards the Paris Agreement goals and pathways to net zero.

Mission Innovation (MI) released on 9th November the ‘Clean Hydrogen Mission’ Discussion Paper (link below) for public consultation.  This is open until 9 December 2021.  It is hoped that comments by MI members, the broader energy stakeholder community, and wider outcomes of COP26 held in Glasgow earlier this month will feed into the final version of the paper and the Clean Hydrogen Mission Action Plan:

The Challenge: Clean hydrogen has the potential to decarbonise hard to abate sectors, such as industry and heat, which are responsible for two thirds of global emissions and help to unlock the full potential of renewable energy. However, today it is up to three times more expensive than hydrogen produced directly from fossil fuels.

The Goal: To increase the cost-competitiveness of clean hydrogen by reducing end-to-end costs to USD 2 per kilogram by 2030.

The Mission: MI will catalyse cost reductions by increasing research and development in hydrogen technologies and industrial processes and deliver at least 100 hydrogen valleys covering production, storage and end-use worldwide by 2030, to unleash a global clean hydrogen economy.

Download and read the discussion paper here.

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