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Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security – 6th AIEE Energy Symposium, 4-16 December, 2021

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Call for abstract submission starts on  June 20, 2021 – deadline extended to October 18, 2021.   Find out more here:  AIEE Energy Symposium, 4-16 December, 2021

In this still uncertain times regarding travelling around the world  and possibility to attend the event physically, we think hosting a virtual event is an excellent alternative and therefore we decided to organize the 6th AIEE Symposium on energy Security 2021, online.   Our conference  will have the same structure as the previous edition because we want it to  feel as much like an in-person event as possible, with plenary sessions and keynote presentations  and several concurrent sessions which include traditional presentations, lightning talks, discussions, and interacting.

Proposed topics

  • Energy security for a more resilient society
  • Green innovation, biofuels and bioenergy
  • Hydrogen for the energy transition
  • Behavioral energy economics
  • Energy and climate change mitigation  and adaptation
  • Europe energy road map to 2050
  • Energy supply and security
  • Energy performance in buildings
  • Emissions trading schemes, promoting energy  efficiency
  • Energy and emission modelling
  • Carbon border adjustment measures
  • Energy vulnerability in developed countries
  • Energy transition funds
  • Sectorial approach to energy efficiency in industry
  • Energy and industrial competitiveness
  • Renewable energy sources and industries
  • Regulation of energy network industries
  • Regulation and taxation of energy markets
  • Economics oil and gas markets, developments in LNG markets
  • Access to energy
  • Energy security: impact of COVID19
  • Extending the scope of European energy regulation
  • Blockchain experiments and regulation
  • Electricity demand response, self-consumption, electricity tariffs and smart meters
  • Local energy communities, big data and  energy security
  • Circular economy
  • Sustainable energy systems
  • Smart grids,  microgrids and energy security
  • Security risks in the electricity sector
  • The utility of the future
  • Energy security and the role of new technologies  in energy transition
  • Electric mobility for a sustainable future
  • Energy storage and electrification– effects on the market
  • Strategic contribution of energy storage to energy security
  • The changing geopolitics of energy and global governance
  • European perspectives of energy security in the global context
  • Nuclear energy markets
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