CTCN at G-STIC 2021: Ensuring a Climate Resilient Recovery after COVID-19

CTCN in Guatamala
CTCN in Guatamala

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The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of developing more resilient, inclusive, equitable and sustainable societies and economies that are capable of withstanding future crises, natural disasters, and other potential threats. There is a growing recognition that policies and actions based on incremental change to ‘business as usual’ are failing and only a transformational change can safeguard communities and make them more resilient. The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) is encouraging countries, the private sector and civil society groups to seize the opportunity of transforming how we consider, understand, plan, finance and respond to risks.

In response to the impact of the pandemic and the challenges that countries experience in moving to clean energy transitions, the CTCN is launching a new series of climate technology webinars titled Ensuring a Climate Resilient Recovery after COVID-19. The intended audience for these webinars includes developing and emerging countries, their economies, the private sector, civil society groups and government officials. The webinar covers case studies and discussions on wide range of climate related issues comprising decarbonization plans and roadmaps, streamlining supply chain integrating circularity, new and innovative business models, and nature-based solutions. For more information, please read the CTCN publication  “Ensuring a Climate Resilient Recovery after COVID-19“.

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