Be energy friendly

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Save energy. Save the environment.

Saving energy
The University has updated its energy-saving measures for the summer months. Not only will this reduce how much energy we use, it will also help us reduce our impact on the environment – in line with our sustainability commitment to reach net zero carbon by 2035.

The changes include cooling buildings to 26°C, increasing reliance on natural ventilation, changing cooling timings and reviewing weekend settings.

Progress to date
The University has been working with staff and students for several years to reduce the costs and increase the sustainability of the University’s energy use. Ongoing activities include:

Establishing district heating networks
Refitting buildings to reduce energy loss
Using building management systems
Purchasing 100% renewable energy
This winter, our cumulative Be Energy Friendly efforts resulted in a 17% reduction in the University’s gas, and 2% of its electricity use, decreasing our carbon footprint by over 3,400tCO2e.

Read more here to see how you can play your part.

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