Transformative Change in Energy

  • Start  Tuesday 17 Jun 2014 10:30am
  • Finish    Tuesday 17 Jun 2014 7:00pm
  • Venue  Mathematical Institute

Tuesday, 17 June

Maths Institute, Oxford

A one-day Oxford energy meeting on Transformative Change, which will address potentially transformative technical and policy changes. Leading thinkers from Oxford, the UK and abroad will share their vision in a day of talks and discussions.

Speakers and panel members include:
Charles Soothill
 (Alstom), Belinda Perriman (Shell), James Cameron (Climate Change Capital), Mark Fulton(Energy Transition Advisors), Dr Tony White, MBE (BW Energy), Ben Moxham(Capital Dynamics), Richard Moore (Shell), Professor Nigel Brandon (Imperial College), Professor Peter Pearson (Low Carbon Research Institute ofWales), Professor Steven Cowley (Culham Centre for Fusion Energy),Tony Roulstone (University of Cambridge), Professor David Banister (Transport Studies Unit), Professor DoyneFarmer (The Institute for New Economic Thinking), Professor Peter Grindrod (Mathematical Institute), Professor Cameron Hepburn (Environmental economist, Smith School), Dr Henry Snaith (founder,Oxford Photovoltaics), Dr Malcolm McCulloch (co-founder, Oxford Yasa Motors, Navetas),Mike Mason (founder, Queen’s Award winning Climate Care) and Malcolm Keay (Oxford Institute for Energy Studies).

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