Special Lecture 2023 with Dr Andrew Forrest AO

Dr Andrew Forrest AO

  • Start  Monday 09 Oct 2023 1:00pm
  • Finish    Monday 09 Oct 2023 2:00pm
  • Venue  Trinity College
  • Postcode OX1 3BH

In this special lecture, Andrew Forrest – Executive Chairman of Fortescue – will explore the unique responsibility of industrialists and business leaders to go further and faster on emissions reduction. Dr Forrest will delve into the challenge of decarbonizing hard-to-abate industries, emphasizing the need for innovative solutions without relying on carbon offsets. He will draw upon his experience as Executive Chairman of Fortescue and share the company’s ambitious decarbonization goals.

The role of key country policies in driving the transition to green energy will also be explored, with a focus on international commitments aimed at dismantling barriers such as tariffs and facilitating technology transfer. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the policy measures necessary to foster a sustainable industrial ecosystem. The importance of green hydrogen investment will also be discussed.

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