SLES and the DSO: The Role of the DSO in Unlocking SLES Value

  • Start  Thursday 26 Jan 2023 9:30am
  • Finish    Thursday 26 Jan 2023 12:30pm
  • Venue  Online
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EnergyREV is part of the Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme. This is a UK Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund programme focused on proving the value, impact, and routes to investment in Smart Local Energy Systems.

The UK’s Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) are embarking on the journey to the creation of Distribution System Operators (DSOs), as the electricity networks adapt to the roll-out of smart grid technologies, including smart meters, and increasing uses of storage and flexibility services.

As such, DSOs are critical to the success of Smart Local Energy Systems. This workshop will explore how DSOs can enable the success of SLES approaches, while also ensuring that they derive value from these approaches themselves.

We’ll hear from a range of representatives from both the DNOs and PfER (Prospering from the Energy Revolution) funded SLES projects, and their collaborators, about their experiences, what the barriers to cooperation are, and what benefits are unlocked when these barriers are overcome.

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