SLES and Just Transitions: The Value of SLES for Local Communities

  • Start  Tuesday 13 Dec 2022 9:30am
  • Finish    Tuesday 13 Dec 2022 12:30pm
  • Venue  Online
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EnergyREV is part of the Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme. This is a UK Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund programme focused on proving the value, impact, and routes to investment in Smart Local Energy Systems.

A workshop to explore the ways in which SLES (Smart Local Energy Systems) can tackle energy injustice as we aim for local Just Transitions.

About this event
A just transition is key to ensuring that, as we decarbonise, we minimise rather than entrench injustices, and this is just as true in a local context as it is nationally and internationally.

This workshop will explore how a Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) approach can contribute to just transitions locally, through discussion of how existing PfER (Prospering from the Energy Revolution) funded projects have engaged with local communities, delivered value to those communities, and tackled energy injustices, as well as what injustices still remain, and how these can be overcome.

Workshop attendees will get the chance to hear from SLES practitioners, as well as contribute their own experiences and questions.

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