Publishing with Joule: Editorial Insights from Cell Press

Kat Stephan, Andrew Wadsworth

  • Start  Monday 08 Jul 2024 4:00pm
  • Finish    Monday 08 Jul 2024 5:00pm
  • Venue  Thom Building
  • Postcode OX1 3PJ


Joule is one of the leading journals publishing energy research, covering a range of topics and scales from the fundamental understanding of energy-relevant phenomena, to the fabrication of devices and the development of policy and engineering solutions leading to the deployment of energy technologies in the real world.

In this talk Kat Stephan and Andrew Wadsworth aim to introduce Joule, what they are looking for at the journal and provide more clarity on the role of an editor and the process of how they consider manuscripts. Further they will provide some advice from an editor’s perspective of what makes a paper suitable for Joule and how to approach preparing a paper for submission to the journal. They will also introduce the rest of Cell Press’ growing physical science portfolio, and opportunities to publish with them.

Further details here.

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